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Not really such a decoy

Our Journey

Decoy wines are gaining quite a lot of popularity, but we have to wonder, how exactly are they a decoy? These premium wines have amazing taste and aroma, so perhaps it’s the lovely, yet simple design of the bottle itself that is the decoy in reference.

Decoy wines has a history of learning and innovation

Coming from Duckhorn Wine Company, the first red wine of Decoy was released over two decades ago, leading to a long run of excellence and a few learning curves as well. Like any good winemaker will say, the experience of creating great wine is one of constant learning and innovation, both of which the winemakers behind the Decoy label are great at.

Focusing on Sonoma County, the grapes for these lovely wines are sourced not only from their own vineyards but also from the best blocks in the region, giving them the opportunity to really fine-tune their wines and hold to a standard of the highest possible quality. While many vineyards are pushing to use only their own grapes for their wines, the folks at Decoy realize that sometimes you simply have to source outside of your own blocks for the sake of the wine.

What varieties of wine does Decoy produce?

Merlot, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon are just a few of the types that are produced under the Decoy label. With Cabernet Sauvignon being such a popular choice in the region due to the well-matched soils and microclimate, it does not surprise us that so many winemakers are choosing this variety. However, Decoy has a lovely flagship red that they produce, which outdoes even the best Sauvignon in their collection.

By sourcing grapes from outside sources, as well as their own vineyards, they are able to produce a great range of wines with only the best quality in mind and offer their customers outstanding prices as well. This makes their loyal followers quite happy, as a great wine for an outstanding price is always going to bring a smile to our faces.

Have you tried any of Decoy’s great wines?

If you’ve had a chance to visit the vineyards or taste some of Decoy’s lovely wines, leave us a comment and let us know about your experience. We love hearing from our readers and your story just might be the inspiration for our next post. Also, remember to check back throughout the next few months, as we’re working hard to be ready for the opening of our brewery and wine vault later this and we would love to see all of you there! Until then, happy tasting from all of us here in South Florida at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.


May 18, 2017