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Ocean Views for Summer

Our Journey

Summertime brings with it a variety of highs and lows. The most notable highs tend to come in the form of high temperatures across the United States. While this might dismay some folks, it makes those from the snow-laden areas of the United States quite happy, as they are able to enjoy a respite from the bitter chill of the autumn and winter months. In some areas, that respite only lasts a few weeks before they are buried under a fresh round of cold weather, so the weeks they have of summer are ones carefully planned out for their enjoyment.

Make Florida your summer destination

Every year, thousands of people flock to the Southern states to enjoy the summer months while they can. With so many different shows, amusement parks, and attractions to check out, it’s no surprise that states like Florida are hot spots for summer traffic. After all, if you could meet a six or seven foot tall cartoon mouse as a child, you would have, right? Plenty of kids are pressuring their parents to make the vacation plans, or have been for months already, which leads to thousands of families making the trek each year.

However, we’re not asking you to join the throngs of folks standing in line for hours on end at an amusement park or zoo. No, no, no. We have plenty of other great places in South Florida for you to check out, in some cases sans children. For example, the Florida Everglades features absolutely gorgeous scenery that you can enjoy while the kids take a dip in the pool at your resort. Or perhaps the nightlife is more to your liking, in which case you could check out Miami and the great club scene they feature there.

Undead Party Crasher is a great beer!South Florida is a hot spot for craft beer enthusiasts, too!

For those of you who want an escape that includes some outstanding craft beer from people who understand what beer is really about, we have a variety of old and new craft breweries from the tip of the coast to the Florida-Georgia line. Places like the taproom at Cigar City Brewing Company have a historically iconic feel to them, as the craft has been located in Tampa Bay for over a century already.

Others, like Due South Brewing Company, have a comfortable atmosphere that makes you feel like you just walked into the door of your own home. They welcome you with open arms and offer plenty of advice about the different brews they offer. No matter which craft brewery you choose to visit, you’ll find some delicious craft beer to try in a place where you can kick back and pretend the season will last all year long.

We hope to see all of you later this year at our own opening in West Palm Beach as well. We’ll be opening our doors later this year at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, located in the Warehouse District on Evernia Street and we plan to offer some great craft beer, as well as premium wines from Pankauski Wine Cellars in Napa Valley, California. We look forward to seeing all of you there!


Jun 1, 2017