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Old Forge Brewing Company: Forging craft beer

Our Journey

Ok, so craft beer coming out of an old-fashioned forge doesn’t really sound possible, nor even plausible. However, if you look at what “forging” really is, it is the crafting of a unique item, which Old Forge Brewing Company truly does. Their goal is to hand-craft outstanding craft beer while providing their visitors with fair that is sourced locally and crafted to greatness. They have managed to do exactly that since their opening in 2008 and we expect them to continue to do so for several decades to come.

Great values lead to dedicated efforts

At Old Forge, they strive to use only locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. This reaches far beyond their delicious craft beers, though. It reaches into their kitchen where they provide outstanding food to pair up with those brews, as well as to the 500-year-old oak bar top that was locally crafted (and happens to be absolutely gorgeous). If you love stepping into a taproom that clearly supports the local community in any way it can, then the one at Old Forge is perfect for you.

These folks never have and never will give up the quality of their brews for mass production. This is a dedicated decision that has gained them quite a long list of loyal followers, including us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida. We had the chance to pay them a visit and it was a really wonderful trip. The brews were top-notch and the staff members are all knowledgeable, fun, and friendly, which made us feel right at home.

What does Old Forge have to offer?

We checked out a variety of brews while we were there including:

  • Paradise Pils
  • Plowshare Porter
  • No Socks IPA
  • Falling Down Brown Ale
  • Celestial Blonde Ale

All of the brews we tried we absolutely delicious and we would gladly have taken quite a few home with us, but had to go without as it was quite a long drive. Our resident portaholic fell in love with their Plowshare Porter and her take on the brew was:

“It has a really great, dark color, with enough aroma to keep you sniffing. Plenty of roasted malt notes with hints of chocolate and espresso, which was really nice. On the first sip the brew was very smooth, which was surprising, but certainly not unwelcome. I’d definitely be taking this home in a growler if I had the choice.”

Check out Old Forge and tell us about it

We love to hear from our readers and we hope you get a chance to visit these great folks and try some of the wonderful craft beer they have to offer. If you do, be sure to stop back in and tell us about your experience. In the meantime, we’ll be hard at work down here in South Florida, as our own opening is coming up fast. We hope to see all of you there later this year!


May 28, 2017