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One brewing company, Two Roads to success

Our Journey

Two Roads Brewing in Stratford, Connecticut has been popping up more often lately with the many craft beer enthusiasts we have spoken to and it caught our interest enough to pay them a visit.  After setting up a tour time, we headed up north from West Palm Beach, Florida, to see what they had to offer in terms of brewing experience, quality, and the great taste of their brews we’d been hearing about.

Two Roads turned out to be really great

From the moment we arrived, the staff at Two Roads proved themselves to be knowledgeable and highly interested in their craft.  From the front desk to the brewery itself, it seemed like everyone there had a keen interest in how everything worked and what the resulting brews taste like to customers.  We think that is a great attitude to have, as the more interest we show in the brews we create, the better those brews are likely to turn out at the end of the process.

The cost of a tour is a mere $5, which pales in comparison to the cost at some breweries.  If you just want to check out the tasting room and beer garden, remember that these are first come, first served in nature and the staff told us Saturdays are a madhouse, so you might want to make that a midweek venture instead.  We made sure to grab some brew to go as we left because we didn’t want to stop anyone else from having a chance to pop in and try some of their delicious craft beer.

What about the craft beer they offer?

We chose to grab Lil Heaven Session IPA, Road 2 Ruin Double IPA, and Expressway Cold Brew Coffee Stout and all three turned out to be of really great quality and taste.  Two Roads pulls out all the stops in their brewing in order to ensure they create great tasting brews that will gain a following and we’ve definitely joined those that are following!

While we would have loved to stay longer than we did, we do have the construction of our own going on here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, so back home we went.  We expect to be opening later this year in October and we hope to see all of our readers at the opening, or at least as many as we can fit into the taproom and grotto!

Have you tried any of Two Roads brews?

Leave us a comment about any of the great Two Roads brews you’ve tried and which you liked best.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment could spark our next feature post!  In the meantime, happy brewing!


Apr 27, 2017