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Organic ales by Fish Tale Brewery!

Our Journey

With organic ales on the rise, we’ve decided it was high time to feature some of the great organic brews we have found so far.  One of these is Fish Tales Organic Ales.  This label is definitely one for the stockroom, especially if you have patrons who prefer to practice a vegan diet!  While we haven’t necessarily considered this eating habit ourselves (sorry folks, I like steak), we respect the choice of those who have and are happy to provide information on options for them when it comes to great craft beers.

organic ales from fish tale brewingWho is behind the Fish Tale Organic Ales label?

Fish Tale brews are created by none other than Fish Brewing Company in Olympia, Washington.  It comes as no surprise to us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault because Washington state has been rolling out great craft brews and outstanding premium wines for quite a while now.  The state is full of great opportunities and sights, from the landscape to the beerscape.

The Fishtale Brewpub opened it’s doors back in 1993 and has been brewing up some of the best craft beer for its patrons ever since.  Starting out in just one building, the brewery and pub had to share space in the beginning, however, in 1996 the brewery was relocated to its own space and the pub grew into one of the most beloved spots in the town.  The addition of delicious food and some great cider may have had a hand in that, but the brews have always been the backbone of this awesome place.

With 24 taps and a spacious seating area, the only thing you could ask for is food, which they have plenty of as well.  After moving the brewery to its new location, the owners chose to create a full kitchen, turning the pub into a restaurant in its own right.  The menu is definitely worth a look and the food is delicious!

organic ales are greatMore than one pub location with organic ales?!

These guys have seen so much success that they’ve even opened a second pub in Woodinville, where they proudly displayed their Brewery of the Year banner.  What could be better than that?  Oh, wait, their brews of course!  Speaking of the organic ales they create, you should really take a moment to try out some of their tasty brews.  It’s not often you can find a brewery that provides a tap room and keg sales!  Yep, we said it.  These guys sell kegs to the public for social events or personal gatherings and the prices are pretty darn good in our opinion.

Awards and Accolades for organic ales

World’s Best Beer went to Beyond the Pale, a Fish Brewing Company label, in 2015.  This feat is not to be scoffed at, as it really is a world competition in which brews from all over the world are tried against all others in their class.  Fish Brewing is proud of this achievement, as they very well should be.

In addition to their outstanding brewing victory, they were awarded the Washington State Brewery of the Year award in 2015.  We can only imagine what the future is holding for this great bunch of brewers because they’ve certainly come quite a long way from their single building beginnings in a very short time!  We will be checking in on them again later this year to see what organic ales they roll out next and we think you should too!

Stop in if you are traveling through the area and try some of the great brews they have on tap, enjoy some of the great food they have on the menu, then fill a growler for your trip as well!



Jan 7, 2017