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Organic IPAs are making waves

Our Journey

Organic IPAs are really gaining some presence in the United States and we’re proud of the craft breweries that produce them.  Why?  Because these breweries are dedicated to a cleaner, greener earth, as well as a healthier community through organic growing practices.  That kind of dedication is admirable and we tip our hats to these folks for their hard work and open concern for the world at large.

Why are Organic IPAs so great?  Isn’t all beer organic?

No, not all beer is organic.  While, yes, all beer is made with barley, wheat, hops, etc. that is grown in the ground, that does not make it organic.  Certified Organic products are produced with ingredients that are grown entirely naturally.  This means that no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or hormones have been used on the crop at all.  By sourcing only truly organic ingredients, breweries are helping to push natural farming back into popularity.  With so many folks worried about GMOs, pesticidal residues, and other chemical problems, it is only natural that organic growing practices would start to become the norm again over time.

Organic IPAs show that the brewery cares about their community and want to promote a healthier lifestyle for their patrons.  Although that may sound a bit odd for a brewery (after all, beer isn’t necessarily good for you as we all know), they have a greater opportunity to affect how commercial and local farms produce their crops.  By limiting the crops they are willing to purchase, they push the organic farming trend forward in a big way.

Ok, I understand that now, but what are some great Organic IPAs that I can try?

There are several Organic IPAs on the market for you to try out.  In fact, you can find them at local retailers quite often.  However, for those who enjoy traveling and checking out more than just the breweries in an area, we’ve listed a few breweries that produce these great craft brews here.  After all, we love to travel and discover things, so you should have that chance too.

When it comes to great Organic IPAs, we have to admit that Peak Organic Brewing Company is probably one of the best out there.  Their Organic IPA is delicious and we actually could tell the difference when we tasted the brew.  There is something about their organic craft beers that just really pleases the palate.  Their Crush IPA was outstanding and we’d suggest trying the Evergreen IPA as well.

Who else makes great Organic IPAs?

Fish Tale Brewing Company is another great producer of Organic brews.  Their Organic IPA is outstanding and has a flavor that we really enjoyed.  The organic New Zealand hops in this brew give it the unique flavor it possesses and the strong malt base really sets it off.  The finish was amazing on this brew and we suggest trying it as soon as you can.

Fish Tale offers a pretty good range of organic brews overall, as does Peak Organic Brewing.  We loved both of their organic craft beers and we plan to find more as we travel.  We’ll be sure to feature them as we find them, much like we featured Samuel Smith’s line of organic brews a while back!  Check back periodically to see what new craft beer we find in the future!


Jan 29, 2017