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Oskar Blues is bringing out some serious quality

Our Journey

Oskar Blues is a well-known producer of high-quality craft beer and has spent several years delighting the craft brewing community with their delicious brews.  The craft brewing industry has seen many collaborations thanks to this outstanding craft brewery and we’re really glad they’ve stuck around for so long.  We recently had the chance to check out a few of their brews and were delighted with what we tried.

Oskar Blues IPAOskar Blues IPA is a great example of what these folks are bringing to the industry.  As you can see at the left, this IPA has plenty of bubbly white head that lasts for days and ends with a gorgeous lacing on the glass.  The beautiful golden color of the brew simply lends another great layer to the quality, as it is hazy, golden, and leads you straight to an aroma that is as delicious as the brew itself.

The aroma is an amazing blend of hops varieties and even has hints of some pretty luscious fruits in there.  While the aroma is not what everyone is after, we honestly sat there and simply enjoyed it for a while, as it seemed like more hints popped up over time.  Once we got past the great aroma, we were further impressed by the flavor profile of the brew.  While we expected a super hoppy brew, we were not prepared for the outstanding flavor of this one.  The malt blend that makes up the backbone of this IPA has provided such a solid base that the hops flavors matched up perfectly.

This is great news, as we’ve encountered brews where the hops overpower the backbone so much as to be a bit overdone.  This blend is absolutely perfect and we seriously considered grabbing some more so we could enjoy it later as well.  The generous amount of hops from the land down under turned out to be a great choice for this IPA and the resulting flavor profile is highly complementary to a variety of meals, too.  From hearty meats and creamy pasta to spicy cajun, you could pair this brew with nearly anything, as it works perfectly as both a complementary pairing and a contrasting one as well.

We were enjoying a nice meal of ribeyes while tasting this IPA here in West Palm Beach, Florida and ended up in a discussion about the various foods that would be great with the brew.  We love it when that happens, as most of you know because it means we’re likely going to be putting those ideas to pen later on with a pairing post for this craft beer.

We really must tip our hats to Oskar Blues for this absolutely delicious IPA and we hope to reach their level of quality when we open up at our own location in West Palm Beach later this year.  Until then, we hope you’ll drop us a comment about some of the great Oskar Blues selections you’ve encountered and what you thought about them.  You never know, your comment could spark our next feature post!



Apr 20, 2017