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Outdoor Seating + Food At West Palm Brewery


Outdoor Seating AND Great Food at a Brewery Near PBI?   http://www.pbia.org/ You got it!  Find out why people are sitting OUTSIDE on Evernia Street at the West Palm Beach Brewery. Even in the summer! 

  • Outdoor Seating. On Evernia Street, the city has shut down part of the road and bagged four parking meters. They moved planters, foliage, seats, tables and a bike rack to the area to create more public space!  In other words, there is lots of outdoor seating right outside the Brewery! Although we have seating inside for 170 people, with air conditioning, lots of patrons and craft beer lovers want to be outside in the beautiful Florida weather, especially at night. Even in the summer!  There is not a lot of sun at the brewery after 5:00 p.m. Why?  The brewery is located on the south side of Evernia Street, so it does not face the sun. And right behind it is a 15 story brand new apartment complex called The Alexanderhttp://www.alexanderlivingwpb.com/alexander/  which, simply, blocks the sun. As the sun descends, the sun moves further west and lowers, now being blocked by the condos and apartments just west of the brewery like The Whitney, The Broadstone, https://broadstonecitycenter.com/ and the Go Brightline Apartments. https://gobrightline.com/  Yup!  We are on the West Palm Brightline Train stop! Just one block away! To read more about the apartments downtown West Palm Beach, you can click here: https://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/business/apartment-building-boom-could-mean-new-retailers-for-west-palm-beach/fFdpVqZCZrNCYLvQXWw2CP/
  • Great Food at This Brewery! The West Palm Brewery has its own restaurant, called The Intracoastal Kitchenhttps://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/  The brewery does NOT do food trucks. We make our own food in the open kitchen. Sit at the kitchen bar and watch it happen! 
  • Made to Order Food. Instead, you can sit at the open kitchen bar, and watch your food lovingly prepared in sight.  All of our upmarket menu items at the brewery are made to order and we use the freshest, highest quality ingredients and source locally whenever we can. 
  • Brewery Makes Its Own Pizza Dough. The West Palm Beach Brewery makes its own pizza dough with 00 Flour,  https://www.saveur.com/article/Kitchen/Best-Flour-for-Making-Pizza which is considered the best flour to use to make true Italian, wood-fired pizza. Double Zero Flour is more expensive than “regular” flour, but we believe it makes a big difference. We only use San Marzano tomatoes and fresh ingredients for the Florence inspired, wood fire pizza in the brewery.
  • Outdoor Seating on Evernia Street.  This area near 332 Evernia Street and the West Palm Beach Brewery is public space, so anyone can sit there. And, from  your outdoor seating, you can eat great food and sip craft beer made right here !!  And remember, this brewery is a short ride from Palm Beach Airport, PBI  http://www.pbia.org/
  • Shade Outside the Brewery.  There are umbrellas providing shade to the anyone who wants to sit outside –not just brewery patrons– on a gorgeous day and for when it starts to rain.  So, the West Palm Brewery has got you covered!
  • Awning Provides Brewery Seating Outside. The brewery spent a LOT of money for a custom awning that provides a lot of coverage for when it rains.  Lots of folks still want to go to a brewery with great food when it’s raining. We’ve got you covered!  There are tables outside under the awning to protect you from the rain.
  • Pet Friendly + Family Friendly.  We love pets and rescue dogs! Well behaved animals are treated lovingly outside and given free water, brewery bowls, doggy bandanas (a product of fashion in Milan (not!), and free treats. Our GM has a beautiful retriever named Hunter and the owner’s girlfriend has 3 rescue dogs.  We are family friendly! Beer babies, moms and dads with strollers get free brewery bibs, onesies (and twosies and threesies) and of course valet stroller parking (just kidding). Where else have you heard of a brewery that is family friendly and pet friendly? And now you can sit outside for free in Downtown West Palm Beach  http://www.downtownwpb.com/ and enjoy the beautiful night air or a relaxing day.
  • Private Tastings. If you and your friends want to have a private wine tasting, private craft beer tasting or simply a private dinner and tasting in the West Palm Brewery, please consider using the VIP room or renting the Living Room for your group. You’ll get the chance to meet either the owner, and talk wine, vineyards, food and travel, or the chief brewer or our Wine Director, Danielle Cesario. To read more about private wine tastings, please  click here: https://www.westpalmbeer.com/private-wine-tastings/
  • Sunday is Fun Day at this Craft Brewery.  Also, remember that Sundays are a LOT of fun.  Yup, we were really surprised, admittedly, but the truth is that this brewery is THE place to be on Sundays. I don’t know how it happened, but we really created something here on Sundays. All Day Rosé specials. Free brewery tours, free wine tours.  Chilled Chardonnay from Drum Canyon Cellars and Pankauski Cellars and our Sauvignon Blanc Sundays are coming! Live music most Sundays including original singer songwriters like Dave Gruitza http://fernstreetmusic.com/ and Monty Warren https://www.montywarren.com/ or smooth jazz.  Lots of families come and bring their pets to brewery Sundays. Why? Well, if you are not going to the beach, and don’t want to go to a sports bar or a bar in general, and are not going to Palm Beach, lots of folks come to the West Palm Brewery.  The brewery is a great alternative to a bar or sports bar. (Now, don’t get me wrong, we do show a lot of sports on our TVs including our 82″ HD Smart TV and our 10 other 65″ HD TVs, but you get the point). You get craft beer, premium wine and made to order food and can sit outside or in. But, perhaps most importantly, our fans are telling us that the brewery creates an EXPERIENCE and has a vibe that is positive, fun and delicious! Free parking on Sundays in the city garage 30 feet away! To read more about why this brewery in downtown West Palm rocks on Sundays, please click here: https://www.westpalmbeer.com/best-restaurant-sunday/


Jun 15, 2018