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Outside Seating + Nighttime = Great Vibe for Brewery


Can outside seating in the nighttime actually create a great vibe at a brewery, or create a different experience than when you visit the brewery during the day? After all, isn’t craft beer, just, well, craft beer, 24/7? Is it possible for a brewery to have a vibe just because it has outdoor seating? After all, aren’t most breweries dirty and industrial-like? (Well, let’s please say this right away…no….NOT at West Palm Brewery….. read on!) Some patrons of our West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault in downtown West Palm Beach would suggest that the evening, the nighttime, the outside seating, all create a unique, fun atmosphere that most breweries don’t have.

  • Just craft beer? When we created the craft brewery at 332 Evernia Street, and opened in December, 2017, all we wanted to do was make great craft beer, right here in our 10 barrel, 20 tap production facility and serve it in our tap room. Our indoor, tap room and seating area has capacity for 170 persons and is air- conditioned.
  • This Brewery Has Food — A Restaurant! Over time, we added premium wine  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/ at our wine bar, and our own brewery restaurant, called The Intracoastal Kitchen, known for made-2-order, fresh, delicious food made in the open kitchen. Yup, this brewery has food, salads, fire roasted veggies, amazing wings and pizza, and bar bites……  and you can catch all the action at the kitchen bar!  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/
  • Dinner at the Bar or Living Room! We increased dinner seating to permit dining at the kitchen bar, and the wine bar, known as The Vault. The Vault is the Napa Valley like wine tasting room and retail store offering premium wines made in small lots, sold exclusively here.  
  • We also added a living room complete with plush couches and chairs, and coffee tables, which you and your party can rent. 
  • Outside Seating. The city approached us a few months ago with a public space idea. The city needed to move some planters and seating from down the block. What would we think about the city moving some tables and chairs, plants, planters and palm trees to four metered parking spaces on Evernia Street?  We were open minded. The city suggested that if we kept the area clean, that they would move the tables and chairs from Flagler Drive, where a public space project had ended, to Evernia Street.   This was a test or a first of a kind idea to increase pedestrian traffic and the use of open space. The city wanted to encourage residents, visitors and after work folks to walk around the downtown, sit down, get some shade and hang out. We said sure!

  • Nighttime Outside Seating at this Brewery. The brewery added some outside lights, mulch, some shade, picnic tables, and Adirondack chairs. What we have now is what customers say is a GREAT place to hang in the evening. This brewery now offers a nighttime, outside venue on a beautiful Florida night. That’s right! Folks can buy craft beer, which we make right here, premium wine, and enjoy it outside under the stars and with the beautiful Florida evening as a backdrop.  We will even serve you Florence-inspired, true-Italian wood fire pizza, bar bites, salads, sliders and wings!

    The use of the public space by residents and families has been so well received by brewery customers, residents and neighbors that the outside typically fills up first! Before the inside + tap room! Even during the summer. (The brewery building is on the south side of Evernia, so it does not get direct sun. And the condo towers behind the brewery block the sun as it sets.) The brewery is very pet friendly +  family friendly. The city’s space allows families to come with baby strollers and their pets. The city also placed a bike rack on Evernia Street. There is plenty of parking which is very reasonably priced on the street meters, in the 8 story city garage on South Dixie Highway and Evernia (30 feet from the brewery!). There is free parking in the designated spaces near the brewery, but do not park in the east row of spaces or the bank will boot you. We are one block from the Brightline Train Station West Palm Beach.  https://gobrightline.com/

  • The Greatest Compliment of All.  So, the other night, it happened twice, actually, the brewery received, perhaps, the finest compliment it could receive. We were told that patrons really appreciate the nighttime vibe. The evening experience of hanging in a brewery that is NOT industrial, that is NOT dirty. Craft beer lovers and wine lovers enjoy hanging in a slightly upscale restaurant, tap room and wine bar with a nice atmosphere, good music with other like-minded folks–those who appreciate craft food + beer, artisan wine and small kitchens. So, the nighttime and our outside seating have come a long way since we first started designing what would be the very first brewery in downtown West Palm Beach. We have gone from a simple concept of great beer made right here, to creating a great craft beer experience, indeed a dining experience, that you just won’t find anywhere else. We are not a bar and don’t serve liquor. If you are not going to the beach, and don’t want to be in a bar, but are not up for a Michelin rated, linen tablecloth Palm Beach restaurant, please consider the West Palm Brewery. I supposed that brewery customers can’t point to any one thing, like the delicious beer or the fine wine, or the reasonable prices, which create the nighttime vibe. But all of this together, including the outdoor brewery seating and nighttime vibe have created an experience that keeps locals, residents, visitors and tourists — not just craft beer lovers or fine wine enthusiasts–coming back. Thank you! 




Jun 16, 2018