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Outstanding beer: Boulevard Brewing Company

Our Journey

Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri is one of the largest producers in the MidWest, providing bottled brews to several markets throughout the midwestern states.  With a brewery that produces a wide variety of tasty craft brews and distribution warehouse that services multiple retail locations, these guys really have set the bar for new craft breweries across the U.S.  Their facilities employ more than 90 people and are expected to hire more over the next few years, providing much-needed jobs to the area in a time when jobs are scarce and outstanding beer is in demand.

spike-wheat-cereals-grain-40020-jpegDevotion to quality and sustainability helps to create outstanding beer

Their devotion to excellence and flavor in their outstanding beer are admirable and something all breweries should strive to match and their employees are just as dedicated, from CEO to brewmaster to bottling staff.  As with many other breweries, they have come to understand that sustainable farming practices are an absolute must to ensure the future of their community and the world as a whole.

However, their efforts do not start nor stop at the farm level.  In 2011, after many years of being upset over the wasted local glass going into landfills, Boulevard proudly opened Ripple Glass, a local glass recycling center that now provides the glass for their bottling operation!  This was the result of several years of wondering why on earth there was no local recycling center and coming to realize that very few people were supporting recycling locally!  In classic fashion, they picked up the torch and ran with it, giving the community a way to provide their families with a cleaner future using recycled materials.

roof-1561939_960_720Green rooftops and energy efficiency tops everything

You could even say their efforts have gone over their heads with their rooftop being fully planted!  The roof is where many buildings lose the most cooling and heating efficiency and by planting the entire roof in “green roof” fashion, they have added an immense layer of insulation that has helped to bring down costs and promise cleaner air for the city.  In addition, they recycle water where they can and reduced their plant’s water consumption by 12% in 2011 alone.  You also will not find a dumpster outside this amazing facility, as they’ve removed every single dumpster!  Instead of adding to landfills, they now work together with local initiatives that promote composting, water recycling, paper recycling, and of course, their own glass recycling facility!

This is definitely the bar all new craft breweries should aspire to reach, because while their brews are certainly the forefront of their operation, their ecological efforts seem to overshadow those great craft beers by miles.  These guys are pioneers who really are doing it right!  We can all be inspired by their efforts and the staff here at Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault hope our own community can reach this level.

Outstanding beer requires dedication Outstanding beer and new additions coming in 2017

Besides all of the outstanding community efforts, this brewery has some amazing brews.  From their Unfiltered Wheat Beer to the many new releases they have projected for 2017, each one is a delight in itself and we hope to try every single one, especially the American Kolsch scheduled to release in February!  Remember to check them out if you head through the midwest because in addition to all of their other activities, they also offer tours and event scheduling.  This brewery is certainly on the move, all day, every day, and we hope to be just as impressive as they are in the future!


Dec 27, 2016