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Outstanding Foundations to support

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When it comes to getting active in the community, craft breweries have several great options available to them.  However, these are not the only companies getting proactive this year.  You, too, can find some outstanding foundations to support and should do exactly that!  Whether you want to support them through a local charity or create your own, you’ll be helping to strengthen your community and others through your efforts.  Here are a few of the outstanding foundations we’ve found that really deserve a bit of support in our view.

Local communities have outstanding foundations to supportLocal community charities are outstanding foundations to support!

Do you have a local charity foundation in your community?  Perhaps they work to provide aid to local schools, soup kitchens, or other services that provide help to your community.  These outstanding foundations are a great choice when you want to help out.  By providing aid or support to these groups, you are supporting your local community directly and that helps to strengthen the community as a whole.  We all want a better future for our communities and these organizations are aiming for that exact result.

Whether it is a bake sale to support your local cheerleading squad, a book sale to provide better materials to classrooms, or a cook-off that supports local arts endeavors, these are great choices that will help provide a brighter future for the youth of our communities.  They deserve as much support as we can provide, because, whether we have children or not, the future generations are going to be able to find better opportunities in a strong community.

Animal charities are outstanding foundations to supportYou can support outstanding foundations around the world

With so many amazing organizations out there, it’s hard to choose one that you really want to support.  That is why sometimes we simply forget how important these groups really are.  Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club are outstanding foundations to consider supporting, as they provide a better future for the youth of the world.  Another consideration are the variety of animal-based organizations that help to provide aid to endangered species.  While we may not see the direct impact losing these creatures may have in our world, we do realize that even one less bit of diversity in the world is a sad thing.

Organizations like Panthera are devoted to providing aid to all of the wild cat populations in the world that are declining quickly.  From cheetahs to tigers and more, they make an attempt to keep us from losing these creatures forever.  This may not seem like big news in areas where the animals do not live, but losing another species in the world is a sign of how our world is becoming too small overall.  This results from our expansion into wild territories and the ruination of the world’s resources piece-by-piece.  We can all help to stop this by supporting these foundations and committing to a slightly different lifestyle.  Simple acts like lowering our energy usage, providing quality support to water treatment, and looking into other alternative energy sources will help to preserve the future of these species, as well as our own way of life.

Alternative energy research groups are outstanding foundations to support

As stated, researching alternative energy sources helps us to provide a better future for the world as a whole.  Whether we’re placing box fans at opposite ends of our home to reduce energy usage, donating a few dollars to support the water treatment plant being built, or considering solar power, we’re helping to take a step forward for our future generations.  Groups such as RASEI are working hard to find new energy sources and create sustainable energy for everyone.  Groups like this one are providing seminars and education for others in the hopes of providing a better future to the world, making them an outstanding option for support.  If our universities are getting involved and educating others about the need for alternative energy, we should too.

How are these outstanding foundations connected to craft brewing?

The craft brewing industry is diverse and proactive.  Many new craft breweries are turning to alternative energy sources and supporting local organizations every chance they get.  These are local community people who have decided to make that first step towards creating a cleaner, brighter future for our world.  If they have the nerve to step up and say “Our community deserves better.” then we certainly can too.  By taking just one step, donating even a small amount to a local charity, or simply changing the way we use things in our home, we can provide these same things to our future generations and make a positive impact on the world.


Jan 22, 2017