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Outstanding wines of the West Coast

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When it comes to premium wines in the United States, the West Coast has some of the most outstanding wines on the market today.  From California to Washington and more, these states have proven themselves to be the perfect growing area for the delicious grapes that go into the many premium wines we all enjoy so much.  We’ve put together a short list of some of the wonderful vineyards of the West Coast and the wines they produce and we hope you have the chance to try a few of them and add a bottle or two to your collections.

Clark-Claudon Vineyards in Napa Valley produce outstanding winesClark-Claudon Vineyards of Napa are producers of outstanding wines

These outstanding vintners are located in Napa and produce some of the most delicious premium wines in the region.  Their dedication to their vineyards is commendable and their efforts to support charitable organizations make us proud.

Whether hiking their properties to check on the hearty vines they grow or researching worthy organizations for their charity sales program, these folks put every ounce of themselves into their work.  After finishing their work with the Peace Corps, this lovely couple threw themselves into the world of wine making and have certainly earned their place in the regions best vineyards.

Their 2011 Three Stones Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (pictured at left) is a worthy testament to the true dedication they put into selecting the best grapes for their premium wines.  This vintage is also their current selection for their charitable action program, from which 50% of the proceeds are donated to a charitable organization in the buyer’s name.

Tablas Creek Espirit de Beaucastel is just one of the West Coast's outstanding wines!Tablas Creek in Paso Robles, California is bottling outstanding wines too!

Next, we have Tablas Creek, an amazing producer that has brought forth some really great vintages to the market.  Shown at left is their Espirit de Beaucastel, which shows the very promise of this winery.  The quality of the vintage is quite impressive and we expect to see more of the same from this winery in the future.

While some vineyards focus on wines that are meant to be consumed right away, these folks have created a Signature line that is fully intended for aging.  We love this, because part of the joy in the wine making industry is the time spent aging a great bottle of wine.  Sure, we enjoy tasting these wines right away, but the adventure found in aging a second bottle and comparing the differences is something that cannot be ignored.

We found this wine to be a proud testament to their efforts in the industry, as it embodies the very essence of their operation, which was founded in 1989.  Their legacy is growing every year and they offer their customers many perks for their loyalty, which is well-earned.

Sineann Petit Verdot, vintage 2014 is in our list of outstanding wines of the West Coast!Moving up the coast to Oregon, Sineann produces outstanding wines too!

Sineann is a name that has become quite well known throughout the West Coast.  While California enjoyed hitting a boom in the wine making industry, other states began to look into what types of grapes would do well in their environments too.  The result is several amazing vineyards in Oregon and Washington that produce great premium wines.  While we may not immediately think of Oregon when we think of United States vineyards, we are certainly sitting up and taking notice!

We featured this delicious wine a few months ago and we’re proud to mention it again, as these folks produce great wine at a lovely price.  Not to mention, the label is pretty lovely as well.  That is something we often forget to mention, the artwork put into the labels.  This vintage from Columbia Valley is worth adding to your collection if you get the chance and a visit to their beautiful location is highly recommended!

We hope you get a chance to check out some of the outstanding wines coming from the West Coast, as the they are the keys to why the United States is starting to really gain ground in the world of wine making.  Although our country may be young in terms of sovereignty, we’re definitely making strides towards catching up with the many great producers of the world and we’d love to share that with the entire community of wine connoisseurs.

Check back later in the week for more features on some of the great vineyards and wineries we’ve found in the United States.  Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment about any really great premium wines you’ve found, because they just might become our next feature!



Mar 12, 2017