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Pairing craft brews with chicken

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In the craft beer enthusiast community resides a sub-community that is gaining notice faster every season.  These fine folks not only love craft beer, they also love finding the perfect craft beer for their meals.  While in the outside world these folks would likely be called foodies, here we call them friends.  We love their talents for pairing up great meals with outstanding beer and today we’re looking at some great options for pairing craft beer with chicken.

Pairing craft brews with chicken-based meals is greatPairing craft beer and chicken is easy!

Oh, you say it is easy, do you?  Well, ok, you’re right, however, there are so many brew options out there on the market that sometimes it can be quite difficult to pick the exact brew you want to try.  Choosing a meal for dinner can be a task in itself.  Imagine having to choose that meal, then choose a perfect new brew to try with it.  The results could go either way and you don’t want it to be a bust.

There are plenty of really great chicken meals out there that you can use for pairing craft beer.  For example, Black Peppercorn and Garlic Rotisserie Chicken, which is great for pairing craft beers like Hop Gun IPA, All Day Session IPA and many other hopcentric brews which bring out the flavors of the chicken and really make it pop.  You could also consider some of the really great Russian Imperial Stouts, Milk Stouts, or Porters on the market, as they would contrast with the season of the chicken very well.

Pairing craft brews with chicken meals should be fun!

There is nothing really frightening about pairing craft brews with any meal, let alone chicken.  However, we can certainly see how dishes like Chicken Costa Brava might make you think twice about the brew you choose.  We suggest Funky Buddha’s Jitterbug Frappucino or Neopolitan Porter, both of which are currently on tap at the Funky Buddha taproom.  Either brew would do well to contrast the dish while pulling forward some of the finer flavors.

The whole point of pairing craft brews with meals is to try something new.  Try a new dish and pair it with your favorite brew.  Then try a new brew!  Keep it interesting and make a few smaller dishes for everyone to try small portions of, as that will ensure everyone finds a pairing that they really enjoy.  Have fun with it and be brave.  The craft brewing industry is about creative license and you should use yours to the fullest.

Tell us about any great results you’ve had pairing craft brews with your meals

We love hearing from our readers, so be sure to leave us a comment with the great pairings you’ve created in your craft beer journey.  Here in South Florida, we love to try new things and we’ll be sure to give your pairing a try, too!  In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Brewery and Wine Vault, happy pairing!



Jun 16, 2017