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Why is pairing food important to taprooms?

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Old and new craft breweries all over the United States are coming to realize that pairing food is an important feature for their taprooms.  A well-paired meal can make all the difference in sales and word-of-mouth, which is one of the most relied-upon resources for advertising their craft beer.  Many breweries are going so far as to gain the proper licensing for serving their own food and renovating their taprooms to include this service, or even purchasing brand new properties for this purpose.  However, why is pairing food so important?

Aren’t food trucks enough for pairing food?

While food trucks are great and offer an added opportunity to taproom patrons, they cannot be forever relied upon.  Many cities are creating more difficult codes and licensing for these vendors, making them become even rarer than they already were.  While some cities realize the appeal of these mobile food vendors, some simply see them as an eyesore and this can make scheduling them next to impossible.

By having their own kitchen, a taproom is able to provide a wider range of foods for their patrons to try alongside their brews.  The combo platter style that is so popular at restaurants is becoming a widely used offering at many taprooms, as it allows their patrons to try pairing a variety of foods with their brews, giving their flight an added value that cannot be beaten.  After all, if you had to choose between a taproom that was barebones and offered no food at all and one that had, for example, artisan and personal pizza to offer, you’d certainly want to check out the one with food correct?

Pairing food makes a difference in taproomsIs pairing food really becoming that popular?

We really can’t say this is “becoming” popular, as it has been popular for centuries.  Look at the wine making industry.  Wine and cheese pairings, along with pairing food in full meals, has been quite the thing for a very long time.  It was inevitable that the trend would take a stronger hold in the craft beer community over time.  People love craft beer and they love food.  Sooner or later they were bound to put the two together in a more organized fashion.

Pairing food has a lot of advantages for taprooms overall.  Many new craft breweries have a hard time in the beginning.  Getting the word out about your brews is hard enough with so much competition in the industry.  If you have neighbors offering food trucks, that effort doubles.  If you add your own kitchen and start offering a better variety of options, the word-of-mouth that will result is simply unable to bought at any price.  There simply is no advertising that is more effective, for better or worse.

Have you found any really great taprooms for pairing food?

Tell us about the taprooms you have visited where pairing food was a great experience.  We’d love to feature them in future posts!  In the meantime, we are down here in South Florida working hard to get ready for our own opening that is coming up faster every day.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we plan to offer artisan and personal pizza, outstanding craft beer, and even premium wines from Pankauski Wine Cellar in Napa Valley, California!  We hope to see all of you there and, until then, happy pairing!


Jun 12, 2017