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Palaweno Brewery: A taste of paradise

Our Journey

While we do tend to spend the majority of our time covering the many great old and new craft breweries here in the United States, we wanted to take a moment to tell you about an outstanding craft brewery that can be found on the island of Palawan, in the Philippines. Why is this brewery so important? This brewery features a great lady who fell in love with craft beer right here in the United States and decided to bring that love of the brew back to her home.

Is there anything unique about the brews?

Indeed there is. While some of the offered suds are the traditional styles, there are those that also feature their local honey, which adds a really great element to the brews they produce. These folks handle every aspect from brewing to bottling and even the labels are placed by hand! Such dedicated and personal service is great to find and we look forward to finding the breweries here in the United States that operate the same way.

While Palaweno Brewery may not seem like much to some folks, they are a great group of people and the beer they produce is a definite hit on the island with both the locals and the tourists. It started in 2011, when the founder decided she wanted to open her own brewery after falling in love with craft beer while visiting San Diego, California. By 2012 she was hosting tasting parties in her home and finally decided it was time to start brewing for the public.

What makes the craft beer at this brewery so interesting?

Locally sourced ingredients make the brews quite unique to the island itself. Palawan features three types of honey, plus a wide range of locally grown ingredients such as chiles, mangos, coconuts and more. This, along with the use of fresh local water that is crystal clear and delicious, allows the brews to take on a unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else in the world (unless you happen to have a few hundred gallons of their local water handy!).

We haven’t had the chance to fly there and try their brews, but they sure do sound interesting and reviewers really love the atmosphere of this island gem.  We’re told that their Ayahay IPA is quite amazing and that the local water truly does seem to infuse a sweetness to the brews that is hard to find anywhere else.

So, if you happen to be in the Philippines on vacation, make sure you check out this lovely little paradise brewery. The simple taproom is charming and inviting and you’re sure to hear plenty of interesting stories while you are there. Also, make sure to pop back in and let us know about your experience! We love to hear from our readers and your comment might be the spark for our next feature post! In the meantime, happy tasting from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.


May 11, 2017