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Palm Beach Atlantic University: Drama goes great with craft beer!

Our Journey

Palm Beach Atlantic University is a great place to gain a higher education.  Whether you want to enrich your education for business reasons, or simply learn for the sake of learning, this school offers a host of opportunities.  Students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses including an arts program that is simply outstanding!

Palm Beach Atlantic University offers life in an amazing settingWhy would I want to study art at Palm Beach Atlantic University?

For starters, there are the views!  Who could resist the chance to live in this kind of setting?  The warm weather year-round, great people, and absolutely stunning landscape are all perks of choosing to study at this school!  Sure, there are other schools out there that can offer pretty views, but we’re pretty sure we have them beat, hands down.  Why?  Because the Art program here is amazing and the local businesses are featuring art all over their walls!  Don’t believe us?  Check out some of the art in the area HERE and see.

Yes, we’re saying you could have the chance to showcase your own artwork in the community!  What better way to get some hands-on experience while you learn right?  Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that we have some of the hottest breweries in Florida, but you’re not interested in fun right?  Oh… you are?  Well let us tell you about them!

Palm Beach Atlantic University has some great nightlife too!Breweries in West Palm Beach to check out while attending Palm Beach Atlantic University

Of course, our own brewery, West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, will be opening in April, however, until then why don’t you check out some of our comrades?  Great people like those at Accomplice Brewery and Cider Works are sure to hook you up with a great flight to taste!  Make sure to check out their cider, because these guys really do have this brewing thing figured out.  They’ve got an amazing selection of brews and we’re sure you’re gonna love them.

Then head on over to Twisted Trunk Brewing Company for some outstanding brews there too!  They have a great taproom and the staff are happy to give suggestions if you tell them the types of brews you are interested in.  Take a tour if you get a chance or grab some food from one of the food trucks because you won’t regret it!

Why not try some kayaking while you attend Palm Beach Atlantic University?What else is there to do around Palm Beach Atlantic University?

Since the University is located on Flagler Drive, that means you have some serious beach options to catch up on!  Enjoy the waves, hang with friends, take part in some volleyball.  If you’re really ambitious, how about you do some kayaking?  Yep, we said kayaking.  It’s a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the water without actually swimming!  No matter what activity you choose, you’ll have plenty of things to keep you busy!

Just try to remember that your studies are important too.  After all, you’ll never be able to pull off a great Van Gogh or Boticelli if you don’t study as well.  Natural talent is great, but listening to what your instructors have to say is important as well.  After class is over, hit the beach, relax, and grab a bite to eat to fuel yourself for the next day!  We hope to see you here in West Palm Beach when we open our brewery and wine vault in April so get registered soon!



Jan 19, 2017