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Palm Beach Breweries Offer Florida Take on Craft Beer (sunshine included free of charge)


Palm Beach Breweries are taking off in 2018 and there is excitement as they pass the halfway mark, and begin to think about what 2019 will look like.  The craft beer industry is still in a growth mode, and no place suggests that better than Palm Beach Breweries.  Here’s what you need to know.

  1. 2018 Big Year for Palm Beach Breweries.  2018 was a big year for breweries in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Why? Well we saw new breweries open up, of all sizes, and we saw a large conglomerate take interest in (purchase) a major force in Palm Beach Breweries.  Beyond that, it marks, for some, anyway, a period of growth and also re-balancing, even financial reflection; as “newer” craft breweries who have only been open 3-5 years, have finally had a chance to evaluate their revenues and services– besides what’s in the glass. In other words, the “birth” phase of the brewery is over for so many craft breweries, they now have time to reflect upon what’s actually going on in the brewery, with the benefit of a  few years’ of experience and budgets and P&L’s under their belts. …. What consultants in the craft beer and hospitality industry believe are invaluable. 
  2. New Trends in Craft Beer. So, what does the craft beer industry learn from 2018 in Palm Beach County? Well, one thing is for sure: that tourists + visitors definitely are starting to include breweries on their “must see” or “must visit” list, which is no longer limited to the beautiful beacheshttps://www.thepalmbeaches.com/ the great fishing or the luxury hotels  https://www.thebreakers.com/ or world class golf courses.  Yes, craft beer lovers and sunshine seekers alike can now plan a vacation with a brewery tour, or brewery stops, as an important, and fun component.  
  3. Craft Beer Experience.  Increasingly, Palm Beach Breweries understand that tourists, locals & visitors, as well as craft beer lovers, want more, typically, than just a glass of really good, refreshing craft beer in a glass, served at 37 degrees.  To be sure, Palm Beach Breweries NEED to be serving great craft beer. That is not disputed.  But what some breweries are recognizing is that customers + fans are looking for a connection, an experience. What do you offer besides great craft beer? And this applies to locals, after work business persons, craft beer enthusiasts, and tourists and visitors. 
  4. Food + Wine at Brewery Restaurants.  There used to be a belief among Palm Beach Breweries that  food was an afterthought.  Many Palm Beach Breweries still don’t have  a kitchen or restaurant and use food trucks to offer patrons a bite to eat; while others suggest that customers order from area restaurants and eat the food at the brewery. All viable ways to accommodate your brewery clients and this all makes great sense.  On paper.   But not for the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault at 332 Evernia Street in downtown West Palm Beach, FL 33401.  That brewery actually has its on restaurant called The Intracoastal Kitchen.    They made an almost last minute decision in late 2017 when they were constructing and building their craft brewery + tap room, to put in a brewery restaurant.  Yes, this Palm Beach brewery has its own restaurant!   Ask the owner or GM what effect that had on patrons and customers.  “The wood fire oven and open kitchen were a game changer” said the GM of this brewery which only opened December 20, 2017.   ” Our clients want a bite to eat, whether it’s a small plate bar bite or a more substantial or filling meal.   They want one stop shopping and I don’t blame them.  That’s why we also have a wine bar, called The Vault.     Because many love great craft beer and premium wine with their food and friends.”  So, that brewery offers not only food, which they make in sight and from scratch, https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/  but they also make their pizza dough from scratch right in the kitchen and offer over 20 premium, vineyard-direct wines  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/  in their Napa Valley like wine bar +   tasting room.  Both, the West Palm Brewery maintains, are important beyond words. And, if you ask the owner of the West Palm Beach Brewery about what he is offering at 332 Evernia Street, he will tell you that it’s all about craft, artisan work.  That it’s all about great wine , great craft beer and delicious homemade food which is always made-2-order.  He will tell you that in 2018, Palm Beach Breweries are all about what’s in the glass, but that the future requires a brewery to consider so much more. 


Jul 29, 2018