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Pankauski Wine Cellars considering purchase of grapes at Drum Canyon Cellars

Our Journey

Pankauski Wine Cellars, whom we’ve entered into a contract with recently, has been checking out the vines at the Santa Barbara County vineyards of Drum Canyon Cellars.  Why?  They are considering the grapes for their 2017 vintage!  They were kind enough to include some pictures of the head-pruned vines for us to check out and this is certainly a well-organized vineyard!  While this news may seem a bit out of place for an upcoming craft brewery, it is very exciting to us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.

Why is this purchase by Pankauski Wine Cellars so important?

As you all know, we plan to feature premium wines in our Wine Ghetto after our opening later this year in the Warehouse District of West Palm Beach.  With that in mind, we entered into an exclusive contract with Pankauski Wine Cellars of Napa Valley, California which means that we will be the only location featuring their delicious wines.  Yes, right here on Evernia Street, we will be the sole provider of these amazing wines for the entire country!

That means that every block of grapes they consider is highly important to us, as it helps us to understand the great wine we will be offering.  Seeing the vines and knowing how much care they take in their selections really makes us proud to be featuring their wines here in West Palm Beach, as we know our patrons will be enjoying wines that are infused with dedication and a love of great wine crafting.


Why are head-pruned vines important to Pankauski Wine Cellars?

Head-pruning the vines helps to ensure that the vines and fruit will be less likely to contract common diseases.  By keeping the vines airy and full of light, the fruit is able to mature properly, while remaining free of different types of bacterium that can affect many thinner-skinned grapes.  The fact that Pankauski Wine Cellars takes such care in their selections really makes us happy, as we know their wines will hold that love of the craft in every bottle.

In addition to preventing disease and maintaining the best possible harvest of the fruit, head-pruning also aids in making harvest a less stressful task for both the staff and the vines themselves.  With less ruffling on the vines “feathers” so to speak, the staff is able to make sure the vines are not damaged during harvest much more easily, allowing for healthier growth and stronger vines over the years.

We’re excited to open later this year and start showing off our Pankauski Wine!

We can’t wait to see all of you here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault later this year during our opening.  We’ve been working hard to get ready and we’ve even purchased the items needed for providing some outstanding food for our patrons.  Artisan and personal pizza will definitely be on the menu, along with a great showing of high-quality craft beer at our taps and delicious premium wines in the Wine Ghetto for you to enjoy.  Until then, happy tasting!


Jun 12, 2017