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PassionFruit Beer on Tap at West Palm Beach Brewery at 5.7% ABV


PassionFruit beer was custom made at the 10 barrel production facility at the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.  Calling all lovers and lovers of craft beer !  If you love craft beer and wheat beers, check this PassionFruit beer out !

  • PassionFruit Beer on Tap .    What is passionfruit beer and why is it on tap at the West Palm Beach Brewery? Well, the chief brewer is always trying to challenge your palate and increase and improve! your craft beer experience.  So, many times, the brewer makes really interesting, refreshing, ales and lagers.  That’s how Passionfruit Beer got made right there on Evernia Street, in the production facility in the brewery; and how it is getting served, right now, in your glass at 37 degrees in the West Palm Brewery tap room.
  • Fruit Beers at Palm Beach County Breweries.  OK, so many craft beer lovers are up in the air about fruit beers. That’s OK. After all, not every wine lover loves Pinot Noir or Bordeaux or Napa Cabs, right?  It’s cool.  But, the truth be told, the fans + customers of the West Palm Beach Brewery LOVE fruit beers.  They have asked for it & the brewery has delivered.  Many times, the brewery will create limited runs or limited production craft beers which are fruit infused.  The West Palm Beach Brewery ONLY uses all natural ingredients and sources from local farms and purveyors.  They NEVER, ever, use extracts or flavor enhancers or artificial ingredients. You see, the West Palm Beach brewery only makes a limited amount of beer because all their beer is sold exclusively at their tap room in the brewery at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach.  They do not bottle or can their beers and you wont’ find it in a bar or in a Whole Foods or ABC Fine Wine & Spirits because this brewery has chosen not to distribute. You can, however experience 20 craft beers because their tap room has a 20 tap system and the beer made there is available in 32 ounce craft beer crowlers and 64 ounce growler jugs.  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-beers/
  • Rich in Flavor + Antioxidants.  Passionfruit is rich in antioxidants and also flavor.  Passionfruit is typically grown in the tropics and now Passionfruit beer is now served in Palm Beach!  You can read more about passionfruit here: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/passion-fruit#section2
  • West Palm Beach Brewery is Passionate !   So, this brewery’s Passionfruit Beer is actually a Passionfruit Wheat Ale.  The chief brewer produced a summer ale that was a wheat ale for the first day of summer back on June 21st, 2018, and the fans loved it!  So, trying to respond to the demand of Palm Beach craft beer lovers, the brewery made another wheat ale, this time a PassionFruit Wheat Ale at 5.7% ABV. 



Jul 28, 2018