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Why do people love craft beer?

Our Journey

Craft beer has been around for thousands of years and has been brewed by a wide variety of people over the many centuries of our history.  With so many changes and improvements having been made in that time, we understand how the craft itself is highly desirable to folks with the knack for it, as it is quite an adventure.  However, this leaves us to wonder, why do people love craft beer itself?  After all, those who simply love the beer are often not the ones making the beer, so what exactly draws them to hunt down the many different breweries and brews that they have come to love so very much?

Heresy is a great example of delicious craft beer that we loveCraft beer is a symbol of creative freedom

In general, people absolutely love creative freedom in its many forms.  This shows up in Art galleries, sports events, home designs, craft brewing, and a variety of other arenas as well.  It is not unusual to see folks sporting the most outlandish trends simply to enjoy the creative influence that the designer instilled in their products and to flaunt their own creative choices in the process.  While many see this as simply following a trend, it can be looked at from a much deeper perspective if you look past the “trendy” notes.  For example, while some folks are going to dive into a trend fully, others will have a personal creativity that leads them to mix one trend with another, affording them a unique look that speaks of their own personal styles.

This type of trending is quite easy to find within the craft beer community as well.  While some folks simply love traditional brews, and strive to hunt down each one with fervor, others seek out those traditional brews that have been given a slightly different edge by the brew master that created them.  It’s that creative freedom that drives them to find brews that truly match their tastes, and to discuss them with others.

Craft beer brings people together

As social creatures by nature, people absolutely need each other on a very basic level.  The need to socialize is strong and craft beer gives folks a reason to go out and talk to others who have the same interests they do, as well as those whose interests might vary a bit.  The resulting discussions keep us close to each other and give us a point of reference that leads to discussions on different brewing styles and what we think of them.  In the end, we learn more about the brewing process, too, which means we’re learning through casual conversation.  It’s almost like going to school without the classroom and we all know that when learning is turned into something fun, we learn faster and we learn more.

Overall, it’s the social aspect of craft beer that truly seems to draw folks out and bring them together.  This, cross with the creative influences of different brew masters, allows us to interact and compare our findings about each brew.  As people love to talk about what they know, what they’ve seen, and where they’ve been, craft beer simply fits right in with the social needs of people in general and feeds that need quite well.  Add in some great aroma and flavor and you have the perfect reason for people to come together over a table full of brews.


Apr 6, 2017