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Perfect sunsets and craft beer in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

What goes great with perfect sunsets?  The perfect craft beer of course.  Here in West Palm Beach, we have the chance to see some of the most beautiful sunsets in the United States and we certainly know a great craft beer when we taste it.  That means we get to enjoy both in one of the most amazing parts of this great country.

Asylum is a great beer for those perfect sunsetsTasting our way to opening day with perfect sunsets and great beer

While we work our way towards our opening in April, we’ve been taking the time to try some of the outstanding craft beer that can already be found on the market.  We’ve had the chance to sit back, enjoy the sunset, and really evaluate some of these brews and it has definitely been worth it!  Beers like Hammer of the Beast, Hop Juice, Asylum, and the entire Clown Shoes line really make us think about what went into each brew.

While many may think of craft brewing as just something people do in their home, the process is actually quite detailed.  It has to be in order to create some of the really creative brews that are being turned out!  Take the double hop brews that are coming out, for example.  It takes time, thought, and dedication to pound out the variety of creative hops blends that enthusiasts are enjoying this year, let alone the many we’ve had the chance to taste in years past.

Weyerbacher's Heresy is a great brew for perfect sunsetsVariety in the market gives us plenty to choose from while viewing those perfect sunsets

Back to the variety, because without it the market would be pretty boring.  Craft beer enthusiasts love variety, and they love to try new beers.  Our choice for today’s sunset was Weyerbacher’s Heresy and boy was it worth it!  We’re sad to see that it is now listed on the Retired beers list because the smooth texture of this was outstanding.  For a whiskey barrel aged stout, this beer has the most amazing hints of vanilla and the oak really did level out the stout bite.  We hope they bring this one back because it was just perfect.

We are very happy to have the chance to try so many different brews, as they give us inspiration for later when we open!  West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault plans to open up in April and we’ve already unloaded the tanks.  We’re working hard to reach our opening day.  That’s why we’re enjoying all of the perfect sunsets while we can.  After our opening, we plan to work hard, produce beer as outstanding as those we’ve been tasting, and offer wine that hits the premium lists all over the world.

Craft beer enthusiasts all over are the reason we want to taste these brews.  With so much inspiration to draw upon, we know we’ll be rocking the craft beer world hard and fast and we’re looking forward to every moment, from perfect sunrise to perfect sunset.  We’ll see you in April!






Jan 16, 2017