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Perrin Brewing Company: Brewing with style

Our Journey

Perrin Brewing Company has been in business for several years and they’ve come up with some of the best brews we’ve tasted on the market.  Right up there with folks like Founders Brewing Company, Cigar City Brewing, Oskar Blues Brewery, and more, they’ve gained a following that cannot be denied.  We’re really not surprised, as their dedication to craft brewing excellence is truly exceptional and they’ve proven themselves able to work together with other breweries to create some amazing brews through collaboration with those other companies.  It takes quite a lot of experience, perseverance, and drive to create outstanding craft beer, and these folks really have the process down to a science.

Triangulation Imperial Oatmeal StoutGreat brewing requires cooperation

As we mentioned, Perrin Brewing Company is well-known for their collaborations with other brewing companies.  Recently we featured their collaboration brew, Triangulation Imperial Oatmeal Stout.  This brew was created in conjunction with Cigar City Brewing Company and Oskar Blues Brewery, two big names in the craft brewing industry.  The result was an amazing Oatmeal Stout that really had us thinking about how great these companies have become over the years.  The ability to work together with other breweries to bring about amazing craft brews for the community to try is one that not everyone possesses.  The geniuses at Perrin Brewing have proven how dedicated they are to bringing forth outstanding brews, because they really work well with others and focus on the quality and what the people want.

They’ve collaborated with both of these great breweries in the past to bring Cornlaboration and White Noise to the market, two really great brews that we’d love to see again some time.  All collaborations have been one-time brews, but we really wish they’d all consider running perhaps a yearly brew of each one to give us a chance to taste them again.  For those who don’t know, Cornlaboration is a delicious American Corn Lager that was created in partnership with Oskar Blues Brewery, while White Noise, and Imperial White IPA, was created in partnership with Cigar City Brewing.  Both brews turned out spectacularly and we’d love to see more future pairings from this trio of creative geniuses.

White Noise was our favorite of the two, but both really impressed us.  White Noise features a great blend of lemondrop, denali, and chinook hops that is backed by lemon peel, juniper, lemon grass, and Belgian yeast that brought it all together really well.  The malts chosen for the brew seem to have blended in very well and they left the brew with a great body.  The brew is highly drinkable and we had to remind ourselves about that 9.7% ABV just so we wouldn’t have to grab a cab afterwards.  It really was an easy-drinking brew and we took plenty with us to enjoy later on.

Brewing creativity and dedication

We absolutely love the dedication and creativity shown by Perrin Brewing Company.  They have a great variety of brews on the market and we’ve tried quite a few of them.  Their brew, Big Griz, is a seasonal brew available in the second quarter of the year (which means now for those who are not quarterly-inclined) and its bourbon-barrel aged flavor and ABV are a welcome inclusion to the season.  As it seems that Spring wants to come in like a dysfunctional Lion, it only makes sense to have a Griz on hand to combat the weather.  We loved the flavors pulled forth by the American Oak aging, as the vanilla lingers from the aroma to the flavor profile and seems to really complement the brew overall.

We expect hints of maple and caramel from a bourbon aged brew, but this one takes you by surprise, as those hints are more like statements and they really mask that 12.5% ABV well, making this a brew you’ll want to drink all night, but might need to leave yourself a sticky note of warning for.  We suggest grabbing a pack of these and gathering around a start of the year campfire with friends, as you’ll want to share it.  Or perhaps you won’t, as our resident Portaholic took off with three bottles and declared that she was not sharing after the first sip (entirely unfair if you ask us).

Speaking of brews you won’t want to share… if you’re into flavored seasonal brews, you’ll really want to grab a 6-pack of their Michigan Cherry IPA.  While the brew is only available during Spring and Summer, it would strongly suit some of the autumn season as well.  We forgot to ask about the brewing process on this one, so we’re simply speculating as to whether they dry-hopped the brew or not, though we’re pretty sure there was at least a short dry-hop involved.  The cherries really add a tart kick to this already hopped IPA, but the blend seems to work out very well, as the tartness is balanced out by the slightly bitter hop end.  Something about the blend really kicks off the warm months, though we can’t place our finger on any single addition that brings about that perfection.  You’ll just have to try it yourself and see what you think, then let us know if you happen to figure it out.

Take a trip and enjoy your visit

As with many breweries, we suggest you take a trip to see the folks at Perrin Brewing Company and find out what else they have to offer.  Personally, we’re looking forward to Fall and all of its Blackberry goodness coming up.  However, we can hint at grapefruit and chocolate, IPAs and Bocks all we want while ensuring you’ll have to find out for yourself the many brews you have to look forward to throughout the year.  Make sure to grab some of their year-round brews while you visit, because their No Problems Session IPA is truly a great rendition of a Session brew that you’ll want to bring home with you.

At just 4.5% ABV it’ll be the perfect barbecue brew for the summer and we’re sure you’ll have plenty of popularity yourself if you choose to share some of the deliciousness with friends and family.  Don’t forget to leave us a comment about the other Perrin brews you discover, as well as any other breweries you might encounter on your journey.  We love to hear from our readers and your suggestions just might end up being our next feature post!



Apr 10, 2017