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Pinot Noir grapes: Great yields at Signal Ridge Vineyards

Our Journey

There are a great variety of Pinot Noir wines on the market today and the ones produced from the Pinot Noir grapes at Signal Ridge Vineyards are outstanding!  Their premium wines are making waves in the winemaking industry and we expect that trend to continue well into the future.

Outstanding Pinot Noir grapes create amazing winePinot Noir grapes at the amazing Signal Ridge have great beginnings

Signal Ridge is certainly producing some amazing quality in their wines and we’ve come to realize that their dedication is the cause.  Naturally, the grapes must be the solid base of the wine, but the distinct flavor and texture of their wines speak of the dedication and care they put into their vineyards.  This effort and love makes its way into every bottle of wine, and eventually, to the wine racks of connoisseurs all over.

For example, Bravium, as pictured, is one of the outstanding wines that Signal Ridge produces and the pinot noir grapes used for the process had to have been top-notch!  This quality can easily be attributed to their young but dedicated winemaker who oversees every step of the process, tasting at multiple stages to ensure perfection in each batch.

“Altitude” and energy bring out the best of the pinot noir grapes at Signal Ridge Vineyards

Signal Ridge is located at quite an altitude, a quality that they appreciate, all the way down to their slogan of “What altitude tastes like” which was part of what drew us to their wines in the first place.  Nothing says dedication like a little bit of “altitude” and this unlikely bunch has plenty to go around!  Spunky, spirited, ambitious, grounded, and excellent all-around people run this vineyard and it shows in every bottle.

We love a wine that is capable of showing the creativity and dedication of its makers and their Bravium Pinot Noir does exactly that.  They have a variety of wines on the market, each just as excellent as the last, and we’re certainly game to taste a few more!  After all, if they can create a wine as delicious and delightful as this one, they can surely come up with innovative ways to bring out the best in many other types as well!  We look forward to tasting all of their wines, one bottle at a time, while we work our way towards our brewery opening in April.

If you get the chance, purchase a bottle or two from Signal Ridge and let them know how great their Pinot Noir grapes are!  After all, without such outstanding grape yields, they would not be able to provide this amazing premium wine that we get to enjoy!





Jan 16, 2017