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Planning for Valentine’s Day the crafty way

Our Journey

When you’re planning for Valentine’s Day, don’t go with all of the same rehashed ideas of years past.  Get crafty this year and really surprise someone you care about.

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year (other than your anniversary or a birthday) when you really need to get things right.  While everyone else is fighting over the roses, chocolates, and teddy bears, why not cruise on past them and head for a section that could add up to a great day of fun?  Craft beer enthusiasts love trying new brews, and there are plenty of Valentine’s Day style craft beers out there for you to consider.

Planning for Valentine's Day is easy, just think red.Planning for Valentine’s Day starts with the color red

While you obviously know we’re headed towards some awesome craft brews that will be great when you’re planning for Valentine’s Day, we first need to head for the bakery.  Skip the chocolates.  How about some delicious Red Velvet Cake instead?  Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting to be exact.  Yep, no cheesecake, no chocolates, just delicious red cake for you both to enjoy.  Trust us, we’re going places with this and you’ll want to go too because we’re not about to have you go out there with the played out ideas that you’ve been using for so long.  It’s time to surprise someone and we’re all about surprises and being creative.

By the way, this is where we suggest you skip all of that strawberries and whip cream garbage too.  It’s not cool anymore after the age of around 30.  If you’re under 30, go for it.  It might still work.  Maybe.  If you’re dating a 20-year-old.  Otherwise, skip the corny routine and follow us.  Bear in mind, there is a situation where the traditional methods just might be a good idea.  If you have NEVER bought roses, chocolates, strawberries, or anything for that matter, now would be the PERFECT time to head for the roses, before everyone else remembers why they need to get them too.

Planning for Valentine's Day is easy with candles and silk flowers!When planning for Valentine’s Day, think white

Now that we have the cake, let’s head for the candle department.  We’re going to get a slight bit sappy here and suggest a few vanilla scented candles and, of course, fire safe candle holders.  If your significant other doesn’t like vanilla, go for another scent, but keep it white or cream in color.  Tonight is about low-lighting, but not for the reasons you may be thinking of.  No really, head out of the gutter now.  We’re off to the candle department before we head for the craft section.  Yes, we said craft section.  Don’t panic.  No glue guns will be involved, nor glitter.  We promise.

In the craft section, you’re going to want a vase and about six of the silk flowers.  We suggest a couple of Roses, at least one Baby’s Breath or fern, and a Lily or two.  You want just enough to make the vase seem full, but not so much that you’re forcing the poor things into it.  Why silk flowers?  They don’t die.  Something about giving a person a gift that will be dead in a few days just doesn’t seem natural to us.  Silk flowers last forever, won’t fade easily, and never wilt.  Get it?  They’re undying.  Catch up now.

When planning for Valentine’s Day, get crafty!

Yes, you finally get to pick out some craft beer.  We told you it would happen if you just stuck with us.  Now, here we are, at the wall o’ brew.  You’re going to want a beer that isn’t super heavy, as you certainly don’t want that “oh my gosh I’m too full” feeling that sends you both straight to sleep after the night is over (or before it is).  Therefore, we suggest something with hints of cocoa and coffee or something fruity, your choice.  Either way, it needs to say Valentine’s Day in some way.

A few suggestions from our end would be:

These are, obviously, just a few suggestions, but we think you’ll enjoy them.  While some are super fruity brews (like Rubaeus), others have hints of chocolate, coffee, and other delicious favorites.  When it comes to getting crafty on Valentine’s Day, nothing works better than some delicious craft beer.  Now get out there and enjoy it, but please, remember to blow out the candles at the end of the night!



Feb 7, 2017