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Polish Craft Beer in South Florida?


Polish craft beer may not be on beer lovers’ top 5 list.  After all, if you asked craft beer lovers about what they want to try, they will probably name a hard to find IPA or brooding Russian Imperial Stout.  And that’s fine. So… here’s what may be brewing at the West Palm Brewery and why beer lovers may want to attend a planned (not yet confirmed!) Polish Craft Beer day at the West Palm Brewery.

  • Craft is World Wide.   So, here’s the thinking on why West Palm Brewery is in talks right now with incredible beer importer D&V International http://www.specialtybeer.com/  about creating a Polish Craft Beer day.  Note: they are only in the discussion and planning stages and this event has NOT been confirmed. 
  • Polish Craft Beer:  We Want New    But, like the wine world, the craft beer world is exciting, and exploding with new, innovative craft beer for you to try.  There are lots of interesting beers which hail from particular areas, states, regions, and, yes, countries, each of which has its own, unique style and approach to craft beer. 
  • Local is Limited  When I had beer in Brussels and Bruge, Belgium, THAT was a style all their own.  When I try an IPA in Stellenbosch or Cape Town, South Africa, it is not like the IPA we make at 332 Evernia Street at the West Palm Beach Brewery.  And that’s OK.  After all, who wants to be drinking the same, same, same-old, without any innovation or anything new. Right? Isn’t that why we love craft beer?https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-beers/
  • Polish Food and Craft Beer!   If the brewery creates the Polish craft beer event, there will most likely be Polish food, pierogi, cabbage and kielbasa, a Polka Band, and who knows what else !  Hopefully, the brewery can work closely with Polish Americans in Palm Beach County and the American Polish Club in Lake Worth http://www.americanpolishclub.com/
  • There’s a Whole World of Craft Beer Out There.  I mean, in part, aren’t we, as consumers, sick and tired of the few, limited selections of mass produced beer that tasted the same wherever  you went?   And … which we were not satisfied with. So, what’s my point?  My point, craft beer lovers, is that we not only want to try new beers but we NEED to try new craft beers. And, at the West Palm Beach Brewery, the approach is to expose you– locals, visitors, convention goers  and tourists– to delicious, interesting craft beer, not just limited to what they make on the premises in a10 barrel production facility. Yes, West Palm Brewery has a custom made, 20 tap system in their Long Bar and tap room. And the brewery innovates, but always thinking about how they can make the craft experience new and exciting. And….they also want to create that experience with craft beer from other places, other breweries, and, indeed, other countries!  So, here’s how an idea for a Polish Craft Beer Day at the West Palm Brewery is developing. We will offer a number of Polish Craft Beers for you to try for one price, one price for admission. The price for admission will include samples of the Polish Craft Beers and, most likely, fingers crossed, two “Polish” style beers that are made right here on the premises at the West Palm Beach Brewery at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.  We will post on Facebook ( @wpbrewery ) and let you know updates on this planned craft beer festival or event and we will post “save the date” and create a craft beer event at Event Brite.  https://www.eventbrite.com/So, please stay tuned for this planned (not yet confirmed) Polish Craft Beer event tentatively planned for August, 2018. 



Jul 4, 2018