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Porter styles that make portaholics sing

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When it comes to a great porter, few can deny the allure of these delicious craft brews.  Especially the portaholics that love them.  You’d think that over time these folks would get bored, however, that is definitely not the case, as they have several porter styles to choose from and a brewing type that is not only great fresh but even better after aging in the bottle!

What makes different porter styles so important?

Having different porter styles means more variety in the type itself.  Just as with the IPAs, Stouts, Red Ales, and more, porters need some room for creativity as well.  Having a few different styles simply means that brewers have plenty of creative license to work with and boy have they made judicious use of it!  We’re certainly glad they have, as this is a brewing type that we don’t want to see forgotten anytime soon.

A great porter is a perfect choice for many folks who love craft beer.  As we mentioned, they taste great fresh, but they have the added advantage of being perfect for bottle aging, something that we can all take advantage of.  After all, what could be better than a cellar full of premium wine, delicious stouts, and some liquid heaven in the form of porters, too?

What are some porter styles out there on the market?

There are five distinct porter styles on the market.  Although there are plenty of variations of these core brews, these five are what each brew boils down to at the end of the day.  No matter which porter style you prefer, you can find it’s origins in one of the five styles.  We’ve provided a quick overview of a couple of porter styles below, as well as including a few labels for you to try.

The American Imperial Porter

This porter style is generally devoid of the “classic” porter tastes like burnt or blackened malt.  Instead, they often feature a creamy and delicious caramel and cocoa profile that teases the senses and hints at far sweeter things.  While the classic styles of porters are great, this American take on the porter is a delicious alternative to the norm.  A few of these include Bell’s Porter from Bell’s Brewery and Founders Porter.

Baltic-Style Porter

Our favorite porter to pair with Prime Rib, Porterhouse, and several other delicious steaks, this leader of the porter styles certainly does credit to the type as a whole.  With several memorable names out there, our favorites have been Smuttynose Baltic Porter from Smuttynose Brewing Company and 5 Beans from Sixpoint Brewery.  These porters feature all of the classic flavors, including the roasted malt flavor that makes a classic porter so interesting.

Tell us about the porter styles you enjoy!

Everyone has their own taste in craft beer, just as with anything else.  That’s part of what makes our craft beer community so great!  Tell us about the different porter styles you enjoy and why you love them so much.  Is it the bottle aging quality?  The flavor?  Perhaps you’ve found a craft brewery that just really makes their porter pop.  No matter what it is, leave us a comment and let us know!

In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!





Jun 14, 2017