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Premium Napa Wines at West Palm Beach Brewery

Our Journey

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we don’t offer cheap off-the-shelf wines to our patrons simply to gain a couple of extra dollars and a sale or two. Instead, we entered into an exclusive contract with Pankauski Wine Cellars of Napa Valley, California in order to provide premium Napa wines to our patrons who prefer wine instead of craft beer. Why is this important? Because you know you are getting quality, from one end of the brewery to the other.

Although craft beer is our main consideration at the brewery (naturally, we’re a brewery), we know that plenty of our guests love premium wine. In addition, we wanted to provide a bit more variety for those who enjoy pairing their meals with delicious drinks. After all, wine and food are a classic that everyone can enjoy in a laid-back setting and we want everyone to have a great time while they visit.

You can find premium Napa wines here at West Palm Beach Brewery!Pair your meal with premium Napa wines!

Over at The Intracoastal Kitchen, Chef Andrew is working hard to prepare delicious artisan meals for our guests to enjoy. Whether you prefer the Fire-Roasted Mac N’ Cheese, Jumbo Wood-Fired Wings, Fire Roasted Asparagus, or another of our fine dishes, you’ll certainly love pairing those meals with a glass of craft beer or one of our premium Napa wines as well.

Try the Fire Roasted Mac N’ Cheese paired with our Dad’s Blend and enjoy how the textures pair together. If you are unsure as to which wine will best pair with your meal, be sure to ask our staff for suggestions! Our goal is for you to enjoy every facet of your visit, from end-to-end, so be sure to speak up when needed.

Come visit The Vault and try some of our premium Napa wines!

While you are visiting West Palm Beach, be sure to stop in and check out The Vault. We have plenty of delicious wines for you to try and you will most likely end up taking a bottle or two home! Enjoy the value, as we offer these wines at a much lower cost than you would pay in Napa. This is just one more reason to stop in and see what we have to offer! We look forward to seeing you and until then, safe travels!


Feb 9, 2018