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Presidential brews: Historical beer

Our Journey

With today’s inauguration of the new POTUS fresh in our minds, it came to us that the brewing industry actually touched the presidential landscape at one time or another.  With that said, we figured why not look at what the past Presidential brews may have been!  After all, it certainly makes a better story than the rampant news about whether Trump’s hair is real or not right?

Accomplice Brewery would have had a great time providing presidential brewsPresidential brews from the very beginning

Our first president was George Washington and yes, he loved beer.  This is evidenced by his own recipe that has been kept safe by the New York Public Library.  While you may not have the time nor the ingredients to create this brew yourself, you could still purchase the closest possible replication of this brew.  Blue Point Brewing created their Colonial Ale based on Washington’s recipe and really did nail it pretty well.  We have to admit that Washington clearly had great taste, as his recipe is great and the whiskey he produced was apparently also pretty darn great for one of the presidential brews.

John Adams, however, would have been in love with Accomplice Brewery and Cider Works due to his preference for what we now call a hard cider.  In addition, he would have favored some of the great Porters that are on the market, though we’re betting he’d be suggesting changes to the brews.  We imagine he’d have been one heck of a guy to drink with, as his preferences ranged from hard cider to porter to Rum.  If tasted in that order, we can only imagine the shenanigans that followed.

Skipping forward a few presidencies (ok a lot of presidencies, but they weren’t all funny) we come to the Vice Presidency of Andrew Johnson.  While we are not sure if he liked craft beer, he did show up entirely plowed to his inauguration as Vice President, much to the dismay of his fellows.  Apparently, Johnson had a cold and didn’t know the proper way to make a Hot Toddy.  Hey, Johnson, it’s a little whiskey and honey in tea, not a little tea and honey in whiskey.  Just trying to help the old boy.

Moving on we have James Garfield (I bet some of you don’t remember this man) who had a strong affinity for beer.  In fact, he loved craft beer especially and drank it as a staple.  We do not exactly suggest this practice, as we realize that water is important to our health.  We do, however, respect his love for a good brew.

We need to give a tip of our hat to both Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson for their judicious support of the whiskey trade.  Without whiskey, we’d have no whiskey and bourbon barrel aged brews.  Plus, Roosevelt’s Mint Juleps were said to be pretty darn tasty and Wilson used a whiskey slogan for his campaign.  You don’t get much sassier than that.

Jumping several presidencies forward (as most in between preferred hard liquor or none at all) we come to George W. Bush Sr. who enjoyed a wide variety of brews from craft beer to whiskey and beyond.  We cannot fault the man’s desire to try a bit of everything, as we do the same when considering the list of craft brews we want to try.

William “Bill” Clinton is next on our list.  While the man is notorious for his exposed shenanigans and we don’t want to put them back in the limelight here, we do have to give him a bow of respect for his love of Snakebite.  This drink consists of hard cider, dark lager, and (if you wish) black currant liqueur.  We simply must give credit where it is due, as this blend of alcohols would cause many a shenanigan.

The most recent presidential brews

From there we jump to our most recent POTUS, Barack Obama, who is a craft beer enthusiast just like us.  This does not surprise us one bit, as the man is known for his works in Chicago and other cities that have some of the best craft breweries in the country.  We commend his tastes and would love to try the White House Honey Ale that we’ve heard so many rumors about.  After all, it’s one of the few true presidential brews, right there alongside Washington’s own recipe.

Finally, we have our new President of the United States, Donald Trump.  Trump has our respect for reasons entirely different from others.  Whereas the shenanigans of past presidents have us laughing, our new president has a solid reason for his abstinence.  Having lost his brother to alcoholism, his view of alcohol companies is one of a balanced future and he feels they are far worse than tobacco companies could ever be.  We respect his reasoning and his loss, as we certainly do not suggest dangerous drinking habits to any of our enthusiasts.

That said, we’re curious to see what the future holds for the brewing industry with our new president and look forward to the myriad changes that he has promised to make.  This is neither an endorsement nor denial of support for Mr. Trump, as we have no horse in this race either way.  We simply hope for a brighter future, no matter who is at the head of the ship.


Jan 20, 2017