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Pumpkin brews we loved

Our Journey

Although pumpkin season is over, we wanted to look back on some of the amazing pumpkin brews that were inspired by those lovely orange fruits we all love.  After all, creativity abounds in the craft brewing industry and we’re proud to see pumpkin, orange, coconut, and pretty much any fruit inspired beer popping up across the United States.  Although these craft brews are not everyone’s favorite, they are certainly interesting and below is a list of the ones we found that really hit a cord.

In addition to these brews being creative in their own right, some of the breweries have produced artwork on their labels that is simply outstanding!  We love craft beer art almost as much as we love the brews themselves and pumpkin brews are no exception to this rule.  Check out the pumpkin brews listed below and give them a try if you get a chance.  They’re sure to please you as much as they did us and you’ll want to keep a few in the collection any chance you get.

Pumpkin brews you simply must try

Pumpkin Ale from Smuttynose Brewing Company is a pumpkin based brew you simply cannot miss out on.  This delicious ale has the perfect blend going for it and the aroma is definitely attention catching!  We really liked the blend of bitter and flavorful malts and hops and the 6.5% ABV meant we were able to sip a few of these lovely craft beers without worry.  This tribute to the traditional additions made to ale by early colonial settlers has hit the mark spot on.

Ballast Point Brewing has a great brew called Pumpkin Down that you may want to check out as well.  These guys are already well known for their superior dedication to craft brewing, so it should be no surprise that this craft beer is pretty outstanding in their list of accomplishments.  The blend of hops, malts, pumpkin, and spices in this brew turned out great and we’re proud to include it in our list of pumpkin brews you need to try.

Another great craft beer on our list of pumpkin brews is Elysian Brewing Company’s Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, which provides an interesting break from the standard brews of old.  We loved the name right away, as we could easily picture an owl sitting atop a post and watching over a pumpkin field to check for scurrying mice.  The ale itself is quite stately too.

Finally, we have Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Weyerbacher Brewing, which pleased our taste buds from the first sip to the last and it evolves very well in the glass.  The aroma was great and the finish was perfect.  As for the flavor, this blend turned out perfect and we really have to tip our hats to these guys because they’ve certainly got a strong handle on the field-style brews.

Pumpkin brews are perfect for a change from the norm

With so many different brews hitting the market every year, we realize that there are plenty of options for you to check out.  Some folks do not care for “field” type brews, and we respect that.  But, for those that do enjoy a seasonal brew on occasion, these pumpkin ales will definitely fill the gap for you.  Don’t forget to let us know about any pumpkin brews you’ve come across that you thought were outstanding so we can consider featuring them in the future!

In the meantime, check back regularly for updates in our journey towards opening our own brewery and wine vault in West Palm Beach, Florida and happy tasting!


Feb 27, 2017