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Put some Spring into your step with a delicious IPA

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Spring may be giving way to Summer, but that does not mean we have to let it go quite yet. There are plenty of great craft brews out there on the market for us to celebrate the season with, including some of the best IPAs on the market. While you may be a porter or stout person yourself, it would not hurt to try an IPA and get into the Spring of things for just one day. Who knows, you might like it and decide to make it a weekend!

What’s on tap for the Spring?

There are so many IPAs out there now that it is hard to choose just a handful to try. We’ve been impressed with brews like Hopstimulator, Resin, 90-Minute IPA, and more over time and we’d love to list every single brew we’ve enjoyed here, though that is obviously not the most reasonable thing to do (the list is far too long and we don’t want a tl;dr in the comments). However, below we have put together a list of five of the best brews we’ve found that are currently on tap, as well as who is brewing them. Don’t forget to take advantage of the kitchens or food trucks that these old and new craft breweries offer as well, because if you’re going to try some great craft beer, you may as well check out some outstanding food as well!

IPAs to make you sing

  • IPA: Engrained Brewing Company (Springfield, IL) – Yes, the name really is that simple, but the brew itself has a lovely, complex flavor profile and an aroma that simply teases your senses. These folks are not well-known, but they should be. In addition to great brews, they offer farm-to-table foods that are all locally sourced!
  • Space Pope IPA: Cigar City Brewing Company (Tampa Bay, FL) – This brew screams with aroma and flavor, as do most of Cigar City’s outstanding craft brews. This one is currently on tap and while you are there you should consider trying some food from one of the food trucks that frequents the taproom as well. Don’t forget that this brew is a Tasting Room Exclusive, so plan to take a tour!
  • Jai Alai IPA: Cigar City Brewing Company (Tampa Bay, FL) – This year-round brew has caught the attention of thousands of craft beer enthusiasts since its release and we certainly understand why. It has a unique taste and aroma that keeps you guessing as it evolves in the glass, not to mention it is great paired up with some of the outstanding food truck offerings available!
  • All Day IPA: Founders Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, MI) – We’ve featured this brew before and with great reason. Stop into their taproom and fill up a growler for just $10. We suggest bringing more than one growler, though, as you’ll likely want one filled with their amazing Rubaeus as well ($17 for this one). Both brews are delicious and well-worth the take-home.
  • Hop Gun IPA: Funky Buddha Brewing (Oakland Park, FL) – Feeding your inner Buddha is important and if you’re already in South Florida, why not do it the right way and check out a few great IPAs like Hop Gun and Hop Stimulator at the Funky Buddha taproom. You’ll definitely enjoy the atmosphere, the brews, and the knowledgeable staff, as well as the great Florida weather!

Tell us about the great IPAs you found for Spring!

No matter which IPA is your favorite, we want to hear about it. Especially those that are perfect for the Spring season. Leave us a comment with the name of the brew and the brewing company that makes it and you just might find it as our next feature post! In the meantime, we hope you get a chance to try some of the great brews we’ve mentioned here and as always, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


May 31, 2017