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Rainy days and crafted nights

Our Journey

Here in Illinois, we’ve seen plenty of rainy days the past few weeks, which has led to a copious amount of flooding. It is enough to make this little portaholic long for the South Florida shores, even during a hurricane, as at least the hurricane would eventually blow over. It seems that the incessant drone of rain on the rooftop will never end. However, I’ve found a great way to spend these rainy days and the rainy nights as well. Thank heavens for great craft beer.

A great stout can make any foul weather betterCraft ho! There are shenanigans afoot!

Since leaving the house would have required a scuba suit and snorkel (or at least that is how these past few weeks has felt) I decided it would be a great idea to drag out my hidden crate of craft beers that I had put up for just this type of occasion. Within the crate lie a few lovely porters and two really great stouts I have kept squirreled away for nearly a month while bottle aging them. Bottle aging stouts is quite interesting, as I really enjoy seeing how the brew evolves over time.

As you can guess, I was forced to share my secret treasures, something I tend to avoid. Sadly, my husband is no longer swayed by my looks of evil, as he knows the craft beer I put in the crate is worth braving the dangers. Sad days, my friends, sad days have come. Thankfully, I kept my bottle of Funky Buddhas NIB Smuggler Chocolate Milk Porter hidden. Yes, I have a bottle hidden, and no, I’m not sharing.

What’s in the box?

Sitting on our table sat a bottle of Bully! Porter from Boulevard Brewing Company (one of my easiest to replace treasures), a bottle of Kalamazoo Stout from Bell’s Brewing, and a bottle of Dirty Bastard from Founders Brewing Company. I had moved the bottle of Founders Porter to the side bar. Not so much to give it breathing room, but in the hopes that my husband wouldn’t notice it sitting there.

Founders Porter is my go-to porter and if there is a brew that I dislike sharing above all others, that would be the one. There it sat in a shadow, practically shivering in fear and hoping like I did, that it would go unnoticed and have its turn after he fell asleep. Fingers crossed, I opened up the Bully! Porter and we grabbed some sliced roast beef and swiss slices from the fridge. This pairing has become quite a habit with this brew and it seems to work out really well.

I opened the Kalamazoo Stout and handed it over, keeping Bully! Porter to myself, as we’d already agreed on that arrangement. Yay for me, as I like Bully quite a lot. We enjoyed a movie and had some great conversations about family and life. Then, once we’d opened and drained the Dirty Bastard, which he loves about all others, he wandered off to bed, leaving me to enjoy my hidden bottle of Founders Porter alone. There is something absolutely lovely about a well-oiled plan coming together perfectly.

Craft beer is meant to be shared with good people

All of the brews that were opened were worthy of a great night with great people. At West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, that is the goal. Bringing great people together over some really great craft beer and premium wines. I toasted my friends at WPBB&WV and headed off to bed myself, as every great evening should end that way, with an even greater nap.

What are some of the craft beers you stash away for a rainy day? Let us know in the comments. Your comment might spark the inspiration for our next feature post and we really love to hear from our readers! In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting and stay dry!


May 12, 2017