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Raspberry Ale on Tap at West Palm Beach Brewery


Raspberry Ale is on tap at the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401.  Find out more about why the B4 Razz is so popular.

  • Raspberry Ale     So, the West Palm Beach Brewery opened on December 20, 2017 and immediately folks flocked to the blonde ale.  The blonde ale at this craft brewery in downtown West Palm Beach is called the B4 Blonde.  It’s meant to be laid back and easy sipping, like a sunny Florida day in Palm Beach County at a BBQ, a beautiful Beach, https://www.thepalmbeaches.com/  on the water in a Boat or simply lounging the Backyard.  B4 Blonde Ale: you get it.
  • Blonde Ale with  Something Special  So, over the first 6 months or so, brewery fans and local customers asked about fruit beer. You know, a lighter craft beer infused with some fruit.   Many times, customers having dinner at the brewery restaurant  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/  on the premises called the Intracoastal Kitchen would ask about when they were going to expand the line of craft beers.  And, the West Palm Beach Brewery has the room!  After all their tap system in their micro brewery tap room is a 20 tap system. That means that they can offer 20 different craft beers on tap at once. https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-beers/   When they built the brewery starting in 2015, they knew that while quality of beer ruled the day, their fans did believe that variety or quantity was a factor to consider when building a brewery in Palm Beach County. 
  • Why do so many love Fruit Beers?  So, how did the Raspberry Ale get to be on tap in the tap room in front of the production facility?  People were asking for fruit infused beer, so the chief brewer decided to take the B4 Blonde Ale and jazz it up with an all natural puree of locally sourced raspberries.  And the West Palm Beach Brewery’s Raspberry Ale was created.  They call it the B4 Razz and it is made with all natural ingredients.  
  • Best All Natural Ingredients.  The West Palm Beach Brewery only uses natural ingredients when they make their craft beer in their 10 barrel production facility.  They never , ever, use extracts or flavorings or evil artificial “fake” flavor enhancers.  They use local goods and source locally for their brewery restaurant and their beer.  So, for their Strawberry Ale, they often use Plant City, Florida strawberries.  The wine that they serve at their Napa Valley wine bar   https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/and tasting room, called The Vault, is also keeping in line with top quality, all natural, artisan and craft products.  The wine is made from the best vineyards and is premium, limited production wine. 
  • Location.  The West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault is a newly constructed upscale craft brewery, production facility +  tasting room located at 332 Evernia Streeet, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.  It is located in the downtown, just two blocks west of the Intracoastal Waterway, and Flagler Drive (overlooking Palm Beach) and one block east of the Brightline Train Station.    https://gobrightline.com/The West Palm Beach brewery offers craft beer made right here, and has its own restaurant called the Intracoastal Kitchen, as well as its own Napa Valley style wine bar + tasting room.  Ask about free brewery tours and free wine tours and how you can rent the entire brewery or a private room for a private, VIP wine dinner, beer tasting or corporate event.  There is often live music on Sundays and plenty of outside seating in the shade with table service outdoors.  Well behaved pets are treated lovingly outside with free treats and water bowls.   The brewery is family friendly. 



Jul 31, 2018