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Red or White: Which do you prefer?

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When it comes to wine, we all have a preference. We can say that we love all wine, but it simply would not be the truth, as everyone has that one varietal they really love. Whether it is Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay, there is one wine that really gets us going. Which do you prefer? A luscious red, full of smooth fruit and heady aroma? Or a delicate rose, pleasing to the palate and easily paired with a variety of dinners?

The reds make their own beds

This phrase may seem a bit silly, but it holds a very strong truth within it. Red wine is known for its many health benefits, one of the greatest being its ability to help us produce red blood cells and lower the risk of heart disease. Not to mention the fact that a great glass of red wine oftentimes sends us to bed feeling comfortable and relaxed, which we may have trouble with otherwise. Thus, yes, reds do make their own beds, as they aid our natural sleep patterns overall.

However, it is not just this that draws us to red wines. Sure, the overall health benefits are great, but the flavor, texture, and aroma of these wines really make the entire experience worth it. There is something about a glass of lovely Cabernet that takes us into a world of exquisite grace and beauty, which makes for a really nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. However, not everyone loves a good red.

A tingling white wine can make your evening

White wine has its own fan base and that community is large indeed. With a variety of delicious white wines on the market, who can blame them for their enthusiasm? Not us, that is certain. Many outstanding events are planned with white wines as their premier choice. White wines tend to be lighter, more delicate, and often considered the perfect event wine. Featured at charity events across the country, these wines gain praise where reds are considered too heavy for the affair.

There is a great range of luscious white wines out there, with some of the best being produced in the picturesque Napa Valley region of California. Winemakers like those at the heavenly Castello di Amorosa produce some of the most amazing white wines in the country. Even those of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault tip our hats to their outstanding winemaker, so has brought out some of the most delicious white wine vintages in the United States.

No matter which wine you love, make it special

Any occasion can call for a great wine. Whether it is a christening, charity event, or simply a family reunion, a great bottle of wine can add to the memory in wonderful ways. Have you been to an event that was more memorable than others? Let us know about it in the comments and your experience just might be the inspiration for our next blog post!

In the meantime, from all of us here in South Florida, happy tasting!


May 12, 2017