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Red or White: Which type of wine do you prefer?

Our Journey

For those who love wine, there is always one varietal or another that truly lives close to their heart.  We’ve discussed this subject before, as it comes up quite often during our visits to different vineyards and we’re always curious as to what really makes a wine sing for each person we meet.  For us, the bold and robust wines seem to be the most memorable, as they demand to be noticed and remembered.  For others, it is the quiet and lilting nuances of more mellow wines that catch their attention.  Which wine do you prefer?

Reds just may put you to bed

Many red wines are heady concoctions that leave no doubt as to whether you will rest well that evening.  With bold flavors and aromas, they take you on a strong and headlong journey down a path of beauty and fascinating taste.  However, that path is sure to lead to your bed at an earlier hour than many other types, since they are as they were intended, strong and demanding.

Merlot is one of these types of wines.  Available at a range of affordable rates, many folks choose Merlot for its distinct affordability, as well as its taste.  With so many affordable Merlot wines on the market, consumers are able to find a decent bottle at just about any grocery store.  However, our concern is the truly delicious wines, those with quality in mind, not just low prices and quick sales.

For example, one amazing red wine is Dad’s Blend from Pankauski Wine Cellars in Napa Valley.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we are lucky in that we’ve signed an exclusive contract with Pankauski Wines, meaning we will be the only location featuring their delicious offerings!  Great news for us, and for our future customers, as we’ll be opening our doors to the public later this year.  Dad’s Blend is a lovely vintage that offers both taste and affordability, but you’re not going to find it at the supermarket, even though the value is huge.

White wines that are just right

There are also plenty of lovely and subtle white wines out there that seem to grab people’s attention with their very lilting natures.  We enjoy a wine that wafts with aroma and flavor, however, some folks prefer a wine that is highly refined in nature, yet delicate as well.  A lovely Zinfandel can cover that desire and more, as this varietal is known for its refined quality and there are quite a few wineries offering really outstanding premium Zinfandel wines.

However, it is the fact that white wines are present at so many events that really has us thinking about how people choose their wines.  Are there really that much more white wine fans out there than those on the red team?  Or is it perhaps that events call for a wine that is a bit less heady?  This could be the case, as we certainly wouldn’t want all of our event goers toasted and wobbling home at an early hour (Or a late one!  Drink responsibly!) only to wonder what the previous night’s event was actually about.

Which type of wine do you prefer and why?

Which varietal is your favorite?  Tell us in the comments and perhaps your story will be the spark for our next feature post!  We’d love to hear from you, as well as see all of you at our opening later this year in South Florida!  Until then, happy tasting!


Jun 11, 2017