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Wines of Washington and Oregon : Sineann Winery

Our Journey

When we think of wine, we tend to think of places like France, Italy, Spain, and even California.  However, these are not the only places where premium wines are produced, nor are they the only regions finding great success in the premium wine industry.  States such as Washington and Oregon are coming up quickly as top producers and aficionados all over the world are beginning to take notice.

petit-verdot-t2-sineanneSineann Winery is one of the leading causes of this change, with their wineries located in Oregon, Washington, and New Zealand.  Winemaker, Peter Rosback, began the operation with David O’Reilly in 1994 and continued on after David left to create his own label (which will be featured in another article).  Traveling to New Zealand every summer to create their delightful Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir of that region, he returns to Horse Heaven Hills and the Willamette Valley every year as well to ensure that the amazing labels produced there are right on track.  Featured in the photo is their outstanding Petit Verdot, produced in their Columbia Valley facility.  This 2014 vintage is amazing.  We know because we’ve tasted it!

One more great thing about their wines is the price tag.  It’s not often you find premium wines like this that aren’t going to cost you and arm and a leg, and possibly your first born child as well.  These guys really know how to cater to the market, with wines ranging from $16 a bottle on up.  We can’t help but shout about this because for such a delicious set of labels, those prices are amazingly affordable.  Certainly, a good excuse to go buy a case to gift to family and friends!  Just because you’re a bit late on the Christmas purchases doesn’t mean you have to forget and your friends will definitely thank you!

We hope to feature Sineann wines regularly once we open in early 2017, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the area around April and test out our wines and the delicious craft beer we’ll be offering!




Dec 26, 2016