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Renewable energy and craft breweries

Our Journey

One of the largest concerns in the world today is our loss of resources.  While the subject may seem dry, boring, and outdated to some, this issue has a real impact on the craft brewing industry as a whole.  Around the world, people are much-needed steps to slow the loss of our non-renewable resources and these steps often come in the form of finding new sources of renewable energy.

From solar panels to hydro-power, companies all over have started to take note of the need for these methods and we’re certainly glad that they are!  As a new craft brewery, we realize that sustainable resources are necessary for our future survival, not only as a business but as a community.  To us, this means that we are all responsible for the future of the world as a whole.  We’re proud to see many craft breweries around the U.S. grabbing onto this concept and running with it!

Renewable energy is easy to findSolar energy and sun made brews, renewable energy is useful

Every time we see a brewery utilizing solar energy, we seriously want to give their management a high-five of appreciation.  We all loved sun tea as kids (well some of us did anyway) and knowing that we can now enjoy sun beer is pretty darn cool.  While it’s not “quite” the same concept, it’s close enough for us because it means less of our non-renewable resources are being used up.  In addition, there is the fact that the government offers subsidies for alternative energy use!  This means more money left over to create new and creative brews for our customers!

Although there have been some negative media comments about how subsidies affect alternative energy, we really would prefer to give thanks where it is due.  If the government is willing to pay out a little bit to help make the earth a cleaner place, good for them.  While we’ve read the negative reports about this practice, we have to wonder exactly who is driving those reports.  Could it be the oil and nuclear power industries which, according to real statistics, are LOSING government funding slowly?  We bet it is.

Renewable energy is more than just a corporate issueCraft breweries can make an impact through renewable energy sources

Although it may not seem like a big deal when a craft brewery takes on alternative energy solutions or green rooftop planting, it really is an important decision.  Every business creates waste of some kind and if we all adopt just one way to reduce that waste, we’re making an impact on our community.  Look at recycling and water consumption for example.  By using recycled glass, we can lessen the volume of waste thrown into landfills each year and by finding ways to effectively recycle water we can lower consumption, thus keeping the water table up for a longer period.

Our local communities deserve our respect and our effort.  We feel that by putting effort into preserving the resources we have, we’re taking the necessary steps to provide a cleaner, healthier life for our communities over time.  After all, without our customers, we have no reason to create our outstanding products!  So get together, discuss options, put a plan into place and access alternative resources to help your future.


Dec 28, 2016