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Restaurants we love in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

There are many great reasons to visit West Palm Beach this year during your vacation.  In fact, if you happen to love food, there are several restaurants we love that we’re sure you’ll enjoy too!  In addition to the great craft breweries in the area, there are a variety of restaurants, attractions, and beaches that will ensure you have a great experience every day.

Although there are a lot of restaurants we love in West Palm Beach, we’ll have to limit our list to a few of them in order to give you a chance to walk around and discover some of the others on your own.  After all, a vacation is supposed to be an adventure.  So, with that in mind, we’re going to let you know about just a few for today.

Grab some great food at one of the restaurants we love in West Palm BeachThere are many restaurants we love, but only a few made it to this list today

If you’re into Cuban food or are at least willing to try it for the first time, we suggest stopping in at Havana.  This place is a delight for anyone that likes Cuban food and the atmosphere is very welcoming.  The staff are great and the service is certainly worth the visit.  As for the food, we love Cuban cuisine and we can honestly say it is top-notch.  The family responsible for the creation of this dining delight are Cuban immigrants who fled the reign of Fidel Castro and boy are we glad they did.  Their family recipes are delicious and we love going to this place!

Another great stop is Grato on Dixie Highway.  Their lunch menu changes occasionally, but their handmade pasta is divine and the brick oven pizzas they offer are certainly winners as well.  We had the Italian Sausage pizza and it was great!  We plan to try the Roasted Clams next time we visit, as we’ve heard they are amazing.

If you love Italian cuisine, you really must make a trip over to La Sirena and check out their outstanding menu.  They are a generational restaurant that was opened in 1986 and has continued to thrive for decades.  With simple cuisine that is not at all simple to taste, they certainly know how to please!  They label their cuisine as Italian “soul food” and to be honest we can’t argue their label.  When we left, we felt as if we could do just about anything, after we stopped at one of the local craft breweries of course.

These are just a couple of the amazing restaurants West Palm Beach has to offer and we suggest checking out every one of them while you’re here.  Afterward, pop on over to one of the craft breweries and check out the interesting taprooms, enjoy the nightlife, and grab a craft beer to enjoy as well.  Here in West Palm Beach, we love to see people smiling and having a great time.  We hope to see you soon because we’ll be opening our own craft brewery in April.  West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault is coming along very well and we plan to open our doors to the public then!



Feb 1, 2017