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Revisiting the Boulevard

Our Journey

We’ve mentioned Boulevard Brewing Company several times over the past few months, and with very good reason. From their amazing craft beer to their community improvements including a recycling center they arranged for the area, this craft brewing company has shown themselves to have integrity, dedication, and great community vision. This month is Bike Month and they’ve already gotten into the spirit by placing a Bcycle Bikeshare station outside of their taproom to encourage the community to get active and be healthy.

Core brews that make the Boulevard great

Everyone and their brother has a seasonal brew that is great, however, it takes a really great set of core beers to make a brewery popular. Boulevard has those in spades, with a nice selection of IPAs, as well as their KC Pils Lager, which is absolutely delicious. Below we’ve listed a few of their outstanding core beers, as well as some notes on each one. We strongly suggest you take the time to visit Boulevard Brewing and check out their taproom because you’re going to want to try more than one of their amazing craft beers while you are there.

80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer

This outstanding brew is a cross between a classic wheat beer and an IPA and the result is phenomenal. Featuring all of the great aromas from an IPA, you still get the bready style of a wheat beer. Who could ask for anything more, right? Oh wait, how about an ABV of 5.5%, meaning you can enjoy this brew all evening with your friends, and the brew holds just the slightest bit of bitterness, letting you have that hint of IPA without the mouth-puckering results.

Bully! Porter

What do you get when you take a classic English porter and add in a judicious amount of hops? An amazing porter with all the classic qualities you love like roasted malt aromas and chocolatey notes to the flavor. However, you also get a nice IPA bite and some hints of fruit as well! The luscious dark color of this porter, along with the foamy head lead to an aroma that is going to pull you right in for a taste. At 6% ABV, they haven’t gone overboard on the brew and it seems to age pretty well in the bottle, too, but don’t let it sit too long. Grab a few and share with family and friends while you discuss the brews you’ve tried.

Single-Wide IPA

With a classic image of a tow-behind camper on the bottle, this brew is about as down-home as it gets. This hopcentric brew has a whopping six hops varieties inside, some having been used during a dry-hopping process. The aromas will have you in heaven, while the taste will bring you back to earth and then boost you up again. This old-style brew is made in the 18th-century fashion, with all of the flavor and pick-me-up qualities you’d expect from such a classic craft beer.

It’s always a great time on the Boulevard

No matter which of Boulevard’s great craft beers you decide to try, we’re sure you will find one that you add to your “must-have” list of craft brews. These folks always have something going on and they’re constantly coming up with new ideas and innovative ways to make their community a better place to be. Stop by and pay them a visit, then come back here and let us know about your experience!


May 10, 2017