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Ridge Vineyards offers great views and wines

Our Journey

Vineyards have always had a mystic appeal to them, especially among wine lovers. In addition to the love of wine, it is also great to visit and explore each vineyard, taking in the beauty and atmosphere. If you want to visit one of the top vineyards in the country, you would always find the name of Ridge Vineyards in California.

The long road to the top

Ridge vineyard is connected to the main city of Cupertino by way of Montebello Road. The road winds through the hillside so slowly that it is only once you reach the top that you will realize exactly how high this lovely vineyard is situated. This estate has some of the best views in the region, with a landscape that is nothing short of breathtaking.

The vineyard itself was established in 1885, by Osea Perrone who purchased over 180 acres of land to construct the Montebello Winery. Thus, owing to over a century of experience in wine making, Ridge Vineyards is one of the best in the industry and their wines truly complement the region and its amazing microclimates.

Tasting and Touring is a Must

When heading over to Ridge Vineyard, the first thing you’ll want to do is attend a tasting. Be sure to make a reservation, as the vineyard is a popular place and you’ll want to be sure not to miss out on a tasting experience. Larger groups will definitely need a reservation, as the vineyard will need to arrange for enough staff to be available to assist.

There are 3 different Wine tasting options which you can opt for.

  • -Single Vineyard Wine tasting which will cost you around $ 10
  • -Estate single vineyard Wine tasting which would cost you around $ 15
  • -Estate single vineyard Wine tasting with Montebello which would cost you around $ 25

If you’re a member of the estate, you would be able to get the single vineyard tasting complimentary as well as estate tasting is complimentary for yourself as well as 4 of your guests. Club membership has many perks and we always recommend it for those who truly love the wines from this beautiful estate.

If you prefer a private tasting, they have options for that as well. Private tastings are a bit different, as they offer a range of wines separate from those of the public tastings. This option is going to run around $35 per person and you will absolutely need a reservation.

Some of the wine options which you would explore during the private tasting session are:

  • -Estate Chardonnay
  • -Ridge Geyserville
  • -Pargani Ranch
  • -Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

After the Wine tasting session, you can opt for a picnic on their lovely grounds. The picnic area is public, so you’ll want to reserve tables if you plan to visit during a heavy-traffic season. Calling ahead, as always, is suggested, both as a way to ensure you get a table and out of respect for the vineyard.

Have you tried any of Ridge Vineyards delicious wines?

If you’ve had the opportunity to visit this estate or taste any of their wines, let us know about it in the comments. We’d love to hear from you and your story could be the inspiration for our next feature post on their wines. In the meantime, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jul 11, 2017