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Road Trip : Milwaukee

Our Journey

The midwest is probably one of the hottest spots in the U.S. when it comes to the craft brewing industry.  After all, Pabst Brewing Company is one of the oldest breweries in the country as a whole.  That’s why Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin are an outstanding choice for a road trip!  Not only will you have the chance to tour some of the oldest breweries in this country, you’ll also have access to some outstanding food, great sights, and events that will have you wanting to come back next year for more.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin featured a variety of breweries including Pabst Brewing Company and Schlitz Beer (made famous by Laverne and Shirley).  However, you can also find Milwaukee Brewing Company and Lakefront Brewery where you have the chance to try out some great craft beers and some of that outstanding food we were talking about.  These guys all know how to brew, from pilsners to ales, small operations or large, they have decades of experience behind them.  Make sure to stop in on your road trip and enjoy some tours and, of course, a tasting or two!

The Harley Davidson Museum makes a great stop for a road trip!While you’re in Milwaukee, don’t forget to make a stop at the Harley-Davidson Museum, where you can see the very first bike build ever produced by the company.  Yes, we said the very first one!  While we realize that not everyone is a motorcycle enthusiast, you have to admit being able to see the history of this brand would be pretty cool.  Harley motorcycles have stamped their image on the U.S. throughout history and bring together hundreds of thousands of people every year at events like Sturgis and Biketoberfest.

Back to the beer, we’d like to suggest trying some of the local concoctions created over the years.  For example, the Old-Fashioned in Wisconsin is made with brandy rather than whiskey and is quite a treat.  Beer, itself has been a staple of the state for centuries, with German immigrants producing brews for locals for over one hundred and fifty years to date, but I bet you’ve never had a Beermosa before.  You heard me correctly.  A Beermosa.  Or perhaps you want to try Sprecher Root Beer, which was given the New York Times’ pick as best root beer in the country.

No matter what your taste, age, or destination, Milwaukee has plenty to offer for your road trip and we hope you enjoy it.  After you’ve finished spending time in the cold north, come on down to West Palm Beach and we’ll help you warm back up with some tasty craft beers of our own.


Jan 2, 2017