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Road Trip Nightlife: Key Largo

Our Journey

Key Largo, the furthest south you can possibly go while remaining the continental U.S., is one of the biggest hot spots in the country.  From the absolutely gorgeous sunsets (as featured above) to the outstanding nightlife, this part of Florida is one of the biggest tourism places in the country.  From the amazing new craft breweries, interesting attractions, restaurants serving delicious food, and of course, the nightlife that lights up the bar scene, this region has everything you could possibly ask for in a vacation.

The nightlife in Key Largo is amazing!Nightlife, attractions, restaurants, and craft beer too!

The Caribbean Shipwreck Museum and Research Institute makes a great place to expand your knowledge and learn about the slave ship the Henrietta Marie, found in the Florida Straights.  In addition to that exhibit, they feature a wealth of treasure discovered in the ocean’s depths over the decades that is sure to make your eyes shine and have you thinking of pirates and, of course, rum!  More information on the attractions in the Keys can be found at the official site FloridaKeys.

Once you’ve visited the museums and other sights in the region, head on over to Florida Keys Brewing Company, where you can arrange a tour, taste some of their amazing craft brews, and maybe even fill a growler before you go!  They are the first microbrewery in the Keys and they’ve been getting some seriously awesome reviews!  Besides brewing up some great beer, these guys seriously know how to choose a location!  The Morada Way Arts and Cultural District is just the place to be to learn about craft brewing because it certainly is an art form that is culturally affected!

After tasting the great beer offered at Florida Keys Brewing Company, grab a ride over to Snapper’s where you can get some amazing food while watching the waves.  Reviews of Snapper’s point out their gator bites, the atmosphere, and the very nice prices, while also giving tribute to their outstanding service!  It would certainly be well worth the stop on your way south.

Time to enjoy the sunset and the nightlife!

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out the breweries, the museums, and the great food, grab a siesta because it’s going to be a busy night while you bounce from club to bar and back again!  You won’t want to miss out on the nightlife of the Keys!  We recommend checking out places like the world famous Caribbean Club!  This place is laid back but very friendly and the views of the sunset are not to be missed.

Don’t forget to stop in West Palm Beach on your way back north, because there will be a lot happening there this spring!  With several new craft breweries and a variety of interesting attractions, great restaurants, and a club scene that is worthy of fame, you won’t want to miss out on the fun!


Jan 1, 2017