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Barrel aging with rum barrels

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So, we all know that some blonde ales may be aged in chardonnay, or white wine barrels, right? And, you can get the “Scotch” or “bourbon” “burn” from, for example, a Russian Imperial Stout which is aged in bourbon barrels.  What about rum barrels?  There are other awesome beers out there that have been created using barrel aging too!  White wine, red wine, rum and bourbon barrels are more than just a trend, they’re a great way to add some serious kick to each individual brew!

Beer aged in rum barrels is great!

Rum barrels are great for aging craft beerCheck out Ipswich Ale Brewery’s series of beers labeled Clown Shoes, which are available in limited supply in Florida.  This line has a great taste and the bottle art is pretty darn cool too.  In fact, all of their label art is outstanding, which is something we love finding on our craft beer.
The Clown Shoes Hammer of the Beast has been described as an American strong ale which is an imperial stout and barleywine ale aged in rum barrels.  Reviews of this beer say that the ABV is barely noticeable (at a respectable 12%) and the rich black pour and barely a hint of lacing at the head seem to really be a hit.  It could easily be the smooth texture of the brew that is such a popular note, but we suggest trying it yourself to find out.

Try some craft beer aged in rum barrels and see what you think!

For those of you craft beer lovers who like a twist, or a little kick, try some of the beer aged in rum barrels.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, we’ve already tried it and it’s great!  We know you’ll love the flavor and texture rum barrels provide, as well as that lightly warming flavor that barrel aging seems to provide.  Clown Shoes Hammer of the Beast is a great example of the style and there are a wealth of other great brews out there aged in rum barrels as well.

Ipswich Ale Brewery has seen plenty of great reviews over the past year and we’re really glad we found them, because their brews just seem to improve every run.  We hope you take the time to visit them and stop back in to tell us about it!  We love hearing from our readers and your review might be the spark for our next brew feature!

Until then, happy tasting from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.


Jun 12, 2017