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Russian River Valley Vineyards you’ll love

Our Journey

The Russian River Valley is booming with vineyards that are producing some of the most outstanding fruit of the area and wineries and vineyards across the United States and other countries are beginning to take notice.  Not only is this region picturesque, it hosts some excellent micro-climates, perfectly suited to the varietals that the region has become known for.

Why are Russian River Valley vineyards so special?

Just as with the absolutely delightful vineyards of Napa Valley, California, these vineyards are producing wines that are turning heads and gaining attention faster than a streaker at a football game.  The quality of the wines coming from the region is impeccable and the number of wineries and vineyards popping up is growing rapidly.

Places like Harvest Moon Estate are gaining quite a lot of notoriety, as are several others that we will list for you to check out further on in the post.  Harvest Moon Estate offers a list of wines that would make a perfect addition to any wine cellar or special event and we highly suggest their Ice-Style Gewürztraminer as the pairing for desserts at your next event.  This lovely vintage pairs very well with a variety of meals and desserts and their dedication to producing absolutely outstanding bottles of this style really impressed us.

Are other vineyards in the Russian River Valley producing great wines?

It would take hours to list the full array of vineyards available for you to visit in the Russian River Valley.  However, we have taken the time to put together a short list of some of the vineyards we really loved during our trek through the region.  We hope you take the time to visit them and see what they have to offer because this area is really doing great and the wines coming from there are certainly noteworthy.

A few of the many vineyards we find worthy of a tour are as follows:

Dutton Estate Winery – this lovely, family-owned winery offers tours and tastings and they encourage reservations in order to ensure the most memorable experience possible for your visit.

Hobo Wine Company – don’t expect a lush vineyard or state of the art winery here.  In fact, the only thing you can expect is a great visit, lovely tasting experience, and discussion with a winemaker whose dedication is supreme.  With only 500 cases a year produced, this is not only a quality wine for your events but a collection wine as well that pays homage to a lost era.

Matrix Winery – These folks truly know how to sit back, relax, and enjoy some delicious premium wine.  In addition to producing outstanding wine, they offer some idyllic views from their lounge that are breathtaking and memorable.

Visit, enjoy, and tell us what you thought!

Take the time to visit some of the great vineyards, wineries, and restaurants that feature their wines in the Russian River Valley region.  You’ll certainly come away with memories for a lifetime, as well as some delicious wines to enjoy in the future.  When you do, be sure to stop back in and tell us about your experience.  In the meantime, from all of us here in South Florida, happy tasting!


Jun 11, 2017