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Saugatuck is making great Wheat beer!

Our Journey

Saugatuck Brewing in Michigan is brewing up some pretty darn outstanding brews, including their Starburst Wheat beer which we recently had the joy of tasting.  This beer is absolutely stunning.  At first glance, the brew looked like many of the other brews out there on the market, but then we took a sniff and a taste and that view was blown out of the water by the amazing aromas and flavor profile of the brew.

As you can see at the left, this brew is a gorgeous amber color and has a minimal head with plenty of bubbles.  This lovely American Pale Wheat Ale has many great features, from the color to the flavor profile that really impressed us.

The flavor profile of this brew has a great citrus range and you’ll notice hints of grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon zest right away.  The mouthfeel is what you’d expect from a wheat beer, nice and creamy with a full body that really belies the light, citrusy aroma of the brew.  We weren’t disappointed in the least bit by this really great craft beer and we plan to try more of Saugatuck’s brews soon as well.

Outstanding label art at Saugatuck

However, the taste and aroma weren’t the only things to catch our attention.  Check out the art on the bottle!  Saugatuck is another great brewery that really does provide interesting craft beer label art and we are impressed with the many different designs we’ve seen.

We’re really glad they put as much thought into designing interesting labels as they do into their brewing.  The craft brewing industry has become more and more connected to the art community over time and it really shows in the outstanding label art that is popping up all over the place.

We can’t wait to try more Saugatuck brews in the future.  In the meantime, we’re here in West Palm Beach, Florida, working hard to get ready for our opening later this year.  With our permits solidly in place, we’re excited to get everything ready and open the doors to the public.  Perhaps you’ll see a Saugatuck brew or two as Guest Beers later on this year after our opening!

Until then, remember to leave us a comment about the great brews you’ve found and tried.  We love to hear from our readers and your brew could become our next feature post.  Happy brewing!


Apr 16, 2017