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Scenery around West Palm Beach Brewery

Our Journey

It seems the scenery around West Palm Beach never stops changing and this winter is no exception.  With several new shops opening and businesses popping up everywhere, we figured we’d pop in some pictures of the work going on around this area right now.  While it may seem like just another day to those in the big cities, it’s pretty big news in our community, as major work doesn’t happen every day.  Although work is always being done, it’s generally renovations, which does cover some of the pictures we’ve taken in the area.

The scenery around West Palm Beach is based on community

We love to see the community moving forward, as this means we’re growing and changing.  This also shows that there is a good economy in place here, something every family loves to hear.  Without a solid economy, there is no guarantee of work, shopping, and tourism and West Palm Beach has that well in hand.  Check out some of the pictures we caught of the work being executed, then plan a road trip, because we’d love to see you come out and enjoy some craft beer in one of the several breweries here that have a tap room.

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South Florida is certainly growing right now, with tourism as prevalent as ever.  Our community relies on this in part, as our beaches are gorgeous, our beer is tasty, and our families love to see new people!

We can’t wait to see what else changes about the scenery around West Palm Beach because change is great!  Check out the Tri-Rail and visit all of the sights along its path, then relax in a tap room and chat with locals and others who are on road trips across the state.  Who knows, you might find the next beer you fall for or even the next person!  Stop in later this year and check out our taproom at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault to see what changes have happened around here!



Jan 15, 2017