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Science in a glass: Viscosity Bar

Our Journey

Science in a glass, Viscosity owns the magicWhen it comes to creativity, we have to say that Viscosity takes the gold medal.  Located in Queensland, Australia this place is one of the brightest hot spots in the country.  Serving up science in a glass, they have become famous across FaceBook, YouTube, and due to this, the entire world!

From their mind-blowing drinks (which have even been mentioned by George Takei!) to the wide variety of patrons whose antics are sure to amuse, this place has it all.  And who wouldn’t want to see them create cocktails that seem to be made of magic?!  Heck, we were amazed years ago when setting a drink on fire was considered to be “hot and new”!  Now we get to watch science in a glass and drink it too!

Check out the video below to see some of their science in a glass come together!

As you can see, the drinks offered by these folks are far from ordinary!  Every drink is an experience and you’ll be sure to want another just to see them make it!  The reviews of this place are phenomenal and they’re definitely worth making the trip.  While you’re in Australia you have the added bonus of making it one heck of a vacation because there are plenty of other sights and scenes to keep your mind busy, your heart pumping, and your memories growing.  Keep your camera handy, because you’ll want to video some of these outstanding cocktails being made.

Perhaps after our opening in West Palm Beach in early 2017, you can come see us too!  We don’t have Nuclear Fusion shooters, but we will be offering a wide variety of craft brews in our taproom and a wine list that is well worth the stop.  We hope to see you then and we’ll definitely have some interesting sights for you here as well!



Dec 26, 2016