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Season of the brew

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Summer is a great season for checking out old and new craft breweries alike.  Everyone is going to be coming out with new brews to kick last year’s brews in the backside, which means we have a wealth of great brews to look forward to.  That means that our summer road trips are sure to be filled with summer delights like the great IPAs that are popping up all over the United States.  IPAs are likely to be taking over the season, although we do have to give a shout to those fruit-infused brews that seem to be pushing their way in all over the place as well.  However, this leads us to wonder, could there be some amazing fruit-infused IPAs ready to take over the countryside?

Fruit-infused IPAs to make your mouth water

The idea of a fruity IPA with all of the classic IPA goodness and an added dose of fruity charm makes some folks shudder in fear.  Ok, we understand.  Your favorite brew may be getting an injection of fruity venom.  This scares you.  However, it does not mean that your favorite IPA will be forever “ruined”, as these brews tend to stick around for a season and then wander off to hide from the chill of the rest of the year.  So, for now, we’re more than willing to embrace the increased creativity that some fruit-filled IPAs could bring to the table.

We’ve put together a modest list of great IPAs, both in classic and fruit-filled form, for you to enjoy this summer.  For those who prefer the classics, we’ve got you covered.  However, we’ve also taken care of those adventurous souls who want to try something new this year.  Something that will quench their thirst and leave a lingering fruit-filled taste in their hearts.

Classic IPAs to make you smile

Classic IPA from Full Sail Brewing – You can’t get much more classic, right?  If you’re seeking out a classic IPA to quench your thirst this summer, this one will be a go-to craft beer for you.

American Classic IPA from Dunedin Brewery – This IPA is certainly a classic, brewed in classic IPA style with all of the hoppy goodness you expect from a great IPA.

Centennial IPA from Founders Brewing CompanyFounders makes a great IPA and this one is no exception to that rule.  Grab a pack and share with friends as you spend the day exploring the beaches.

Fruit-infused IPAs for the adventuring souls

Malibu Nights from Champion Brewing – Do you like tangerines?  Then you’re going to love this classic IPA infused with tangerine and hibiscus.  It makes a great thirst-quencher for those hot summer nights.

Hop Burglar from Wicked Weed Brewing – This grapefruit and blood orange treat is perfect for those summer events where you want to have fun and share with friends.  Get everyone together for a barbecue and try pairing this brew with some delicious barbecued ribs!

Michigan Cherry IPA from Perrin Brewing Company – This brew will keep your taste buds singing all summer long.  Grab a six-pack and a towel and get ready for a long summer day of fun.

Tell us about the great IPAs you encounter this summer

Make sure to leave us a comment about the many different IPAs you come across throughout the summer.  We love hearing from our readers as much as we love trying new brews!  In the meantime, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jun 20, 2017