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The seasons are a changin at Funky Buddha!

Our Journey

For those in the craft brewing community who have become avid fans of that happy and overly robust Buddha in South Florida, there is great news!  Not only are some seasonal favorites back, but there are some specialty brews coming up, as well as a special edition limited release!  Get your wallets padded folks because if you’re after those special releases, you’re gonna need a big allowance this time around.

Seasonal brews have returned

Just as with each seasonal change, it’s time for the Buddha to start serving up the proper brews for the time.  That means that our favorite Blueberry Cobbler Ale is back!  Adorned with that misfit housewife with the lovely hair, this brew will be around for a limited time, just as it has been each year.  Don’t forget to check out some of their other great brews while you are there picking up your BCA, because the Buddha always has something interesting on tap or available for a growler fill.

In addition to that ever-lovely BCA of theirs, the Buddha will be releasing their French Toast Double Brown Ale again on June 18th, which is outstanding news.  Our favorite breakfast brew will be back, taking precedence over their quite popular Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, as we are able to drink more than one of the French Toast and the porter is often a single glass brew for us.  Even better news, bottles will be on sale for $10 each with a one case per person limit, so get ready to stock up!

Limited Release, oh my!

Finally, on June 25th you’ll want to have those wallets ready because Get Pitted! is coming out and the delicious 22oz bottles are going to be selling at $25 apiece with a limit of three per person!  If you want a chance to savor this brew later, you better be ready with your allowance, because we are quite sure they’re going to sell out fast.  This outstanding ale has not only been exposed to wild yeast, but locked away in Cabernet barrels and loaded with super tart cherries!

We’re already preparing for the epic flavor infusion that is about to hit the season thanks to Funky Buddha Brewing and we can’t wait to see what they bring out next!  Meanwhile, we’ll be working hard in the Warehouse District of West Palm Beach to be ready for our own opening later this year.  We plan to feature some outstanding craft beer, premium wines from Pankauski Wine Cellar, and delicious food as well!  That’s right, no food trucks here, you’ll have great artisan and personal pizzas to enjoy!

We hope to see everyone both at the Buddha and at our opening!  Until then, happy tasting!


Jun 12, 2017