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Session Ales are great!

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Have you ever tried a Session IPA?  If not, you really need to add it to your “must try” list, because these brews have outstanding flavor profiles and a great style.

BackYard Session IPA is a delicious brewWhat is a Session IPA?

A Session IPA is a brew that combines the hoppy goodness we love with a lower ABV that is generally attributed to the Session-style brews of old.  Although brewers in recent years have been stretching the limit on the ABV of these brews, it seems that the only ones who really care are those who are devout Session enthusiasts who prefer to preserve the classic style of those brews.

To be honest, we love them both and enjoy seeing brew masters across the United States don their creative hats and see how far they can take a Session IPA before even they consider it to no longer be a Session-style brew.  After all, craft brewing is about being creative, pushing the limits, and bringing the craft beer lovers something they want, which is currently a Session-style IPA that has plenty of hops character to it.

Founders All Day Session IPA is great!Why are Session IPAs becoming popular?

These IPAs are gaining popularity for the exact reasons we mentioned above.  People love the crossover between these two delicious brews and we can understand why.  Something about the smooth and all-day sipping style brew crossed with the hop flavor just seems to turn out great.  The flavor profile of these brews are outstanding and we really enjoyed sharing the ones we’ve tried.  Pictured are Back Yard Session IPA and Founders All Day Session Ale.  These two brews really caught our attention with their interesting flavor and aromas.

We don’t expect everyone to love these brews, but they are certainly a great change from the super hopped brews that are flooding the market and the epic ABV brews that have been popping up so often as well.  Sometimes it is nice to find a brew with a slightly lower ABV that you can sip all night and still enjoy the flavors and aromas as much as your usual go-to brews.  After all, when we plan a weekend get-together, we don’t exactly plan for our guests to all have to either take a cab home or crash on the couch.  We want a brew that they can enjoy and still ensure they get home safely.

We absolutely adore these brews for what they are, a creative twist on a timeless classic that allows us to enjoy a flavor profile that still piques our interest and aromas that remind us of the floral hops and malts we love.  We hope you take the time to try a few of these brews and encourage you to drop us a comment about any other Session-style brews you’ve found that meet closely with the old-style Session ales while offering some great flavor hints to enjoy.

Check back regularly for more featured brew styles and the many craft breweries that we’ve found for you to check out.  We’re always interested in finding out what other breweries and craft brews our readers really enjoy, so remember to leave us a note!


Mar 17, 2017