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Seven Hills Winery is making an impact on the wine industry in Washington

Our Journey

Seven Hills Winery, located in Walla Walla, Washington, is gaining some pretty big praise in the wine industry.  Featured in the Daily Meal’s list of their top 101 Wineries in America, this lovely set of vineyards has certainly gained their place fairly.  With four lovely vineyards of their own, they would hardly need to outsource grapes from other vineyards, however, they do so in order to provide the best quality to every vintage.

We talk often about how dedication and knowledge make a large part of the difference in the quality of the wine a vintner produces, and this is no exception here.  Since 1988, this family has been working hard to grow some of the best grapes in the pacific northwest.  They know and understand their soil, proper planting strategies, and the value of knowing when to outsource to gain a little bit of a kick for their wines.

The vineyards of Seven Hills are a credit to the wine industry

As stated, this winery holds several vineyards of its own.  Each is located in its own unique area and great consideration was taken for the type of grapes that would be grown there, with reds given protection by planting on the southwest facing slopes of their hills.  The drainage, the abundance of light, and open fresh air have ensured that their grapes produce delicious wines that have critics nodding their approval, something every vineyard aspires to, especially in the young U.S. Winemaking Industry.

Their winery began in Walla Walla, where the outstanding soil simply could not be ignored.  With its deep silt-based earth, the valley enchanted the family and started them out on a journey that would lead to their success in the wine industry as vintners and the placement of their vintages in many wine racks across the U.S. and the rest of the world.

The vines that are grown at their McClellan Estate vineyard afford strong fruity notes to some of their wines, as well as a structure and aromatic bouquet that is sure to please your tastes.  These vines represent the family’s return to the wine industry and really do shine in their quality and productivity.  Whether aging a Petit Verdot or their Pentad blend, the grapes have lent a strong presence to the wine.

The wine industry scrutinizes grape selectionTheir vineyards in Columbia Valley, however, outshine others by way of diversity.  With the ability to plant such a variety of grapes, Seven Hills has been afforded the chance to create blends that receive outstanding reviews, even from the most discerning connoisseurs, a feat that many are hard-pressed to achieve, especially on a repeat basis.  The multi-faceted wines created from these hills have an appeal that is hard to explain, with an acid balance that is undeniably delicious.

Last, but certainly never least, we come to their Klipsun Vineyard on the Red Mountain.  This vineyard contains old vines that began with Fred Artz, many years ago.  The vineyard really was a treasure to acquire and it has not failed them since 1991, producing a line of Cabernet Sauvignon that seems to have no end to its excellence.  The vintage has held up year after year thanks to this vineyard and the family has high hopes that it will continue to do so for decades to come.

Family and staff of Seven Hills

Casey McClellan, a fourth-generation farmer and the man who planted the vines right alongside his father, has made sure the Seven Hills Winery continues to thrive.  With years of experience behind him, he has brought Seven Hills up another notch each season and has created connections with other vineyards that afford him the opportunity to create the amazing blends and varietals that they produce today.

Quality is most important in the wine industryChoosing to stick mostly with storied grapes from the old-vine blocks of the region, the resulting wines are well-balanced and really do set off the terrior they came from.  Whether taken from the Red Mountain vineyards, the Melrose vineyard, or the Seven Hills vineyard, the grapes selected are always the best of the rows, with no exceptions made.

This insistence on quality over quantity, as well as their traditional and healthy growing practices, have brought forth some delicious lines such as their Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, or their delightful Carmenere (yes, it’s making its comeback, one vineyard at a time), the body, fruity overtones, and smooth texture of their wines seem to take us back to a time when the world moved slower.  When excellence was applauded and only the best of the lot would suffice for each bottling, just as they do now.

Offering wines for every budget while keeping quality first

We’re proud to say that Seven Hills offers a line of wines that not only afford quality and taste to every bottle but an affordable price as well.  While price should, obviously, never be the deciding factor in whether a wine is great, this family has certainly shown that affordable wine is possible.  Their wines have a quality that is slowly becoming known throughout the wine industry, while their business sense has kept their prices in line with their customers’ needs.  This pairing of premium wine and enticing prices have certainly caught our interest, and we expect they’ll catch the interest of others for a long time to come.


Jan 4, 2017